PSA: Unusual Decay Activity, Official Server

Hi All, it’s too early to post a Bug Report on this, but last night something odd happened and I lost a placeable due to decay.

I have a slave castle built by a Clanmate that I haven’t picked up yet. It is the only real running I need to do in order to refresh my decay. This is the place I go second on the list, every day, whether I’m actively playing or not. Just about a month ago I saw a gold-bar crafter I needed, so I built a wheel. Two weeks ago I installed a Large Campfire, right next to the 1-man Wheel.

Yesterday, while I was building elsewhere, I checked my Event Log. Detectors showed another player had come into the area of my slave castle. Also, my Large Campfire had decayed. Roll back a few minutes in the log and it shows its Decayed Status.

I had run over the top of this thing just an hour and a half earlier.

Both the Lesser Wheel and the Large Campfire were built inside, in a long-established building. They are both built on top of a Map Room. The Map Room Placeable and the Lesser Wheel both show 168 hrs.


I have talked with others and there is something not right with the decay system for sure, I have noticed some buildings are absolutely refusing to update the decay until I either pickup and put down a placable or add a new block.

no idea if this helps or not but in the mind of a lot of people ive spoke to and myself the decay system isnt working right as of now.


A bit ago before they announced the server mergers a lot of strange things were happening. I lost all of my placeables and crafting stations/crafters, as well as two T3 alters on my tribute build to The Chosen that myself and @stelagel worked on. Just gone, but the structure itself still stood. I assumed that because I used an unconventional building method that was probably the reason and didn’t really think any further on it. A week or two later my pool house lost about 25% of the placeables workstations/crafters…. Structures are fine…. Just odds and ends decaying. No clue why, as at that time I was pretty active.



I know it’s hard to tell and and they are at different angles. But the fireplace, cooking station, fire, kiln, chests and other odds and ends all gone. Just vanished. I’d just got done updating it about a month prior with some of the new updated benches…


I confirm. The pool house and the altars were fully decorated. Yet if I am not mistaken in the past you had a similar problem with candles. You had a great water well fully decorated with hundreds of candles and one day just like that the 2/3 of the candles were gone, poof, just like that. I believe it’s a console thing. Ps4 is unable to deal with the game anymore, it will perform out in the wilds or dungeons but when it comes to your base, it will make you “regret it”. So I stopped any kind of decoration, I fix only what I really need and I keep my chests only on necessary. I still have rendering issues but for seconds and I have no decoration to loose stability anymore.


I pretty much took this as a cue to get everything up off carpets, and reorganize any floating storage. Nothing new has happened, but my treb up on the roof is now showing 140 hours, whereas it has always only shown 90.

If you are decay running an outpost, please make sure and either climb it or stand on it until it hits 168.

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