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No plans to make the “orb of light” around players optional in the settings? For those of us who preferred not being able to see in the dark in certain biomes.


Interesting what we gonna get in last Battle pass, I hope they show it via the devstream…

" * Resurrected Corpse can no longer be affected by Bleeding and Poison status."

THANK YOU!Schrödinger zombies

“* The Armor Mannequin now has a hot-swap button for changing between equipped armor sets.”

I really like this.

“* It should now be easier to place wooden storage boxes on top of Nordheimer shelves.”

Is this official condoning of this placement storage organization method and can we get confirmation that storage boxes on shelves are stable now?

“Archer Post has been added!”

Thank you Archer boxes now that thrall management is online

Tavern and Barkeeper!

Can we get a revised ToS for officials servers now that you are including these types of things?

“* Siege Cauldrons can now have Thralls assigned to automate their combat functionality.”

I would love to see how this affects PVP. There are some builds that this will literally rain fire on raiders.

Other question. Do these thralled defenses count in your thrall count or are they treated like crafters in the benches?

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Is the fortress assault available on Isle of Siptah or only the original map?

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I expected a nerf to thugra, ritualist, brute but they are now weaker than the cannibal fighter 3 with a new 1.56 modifier versus the tier 3 2.016 modifier. At least make them equal to keep the system where a named fighter of a group should be better or equal to the tier 3 version of that group.


It is still misspelled, it should be Cstephon.

This may be my fault as I accidentally misspelled it while making my report that it was misspelled. :flushed:

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Exiled lands only.

How to enable anime run:

equip a weapon (I had a 2h weapon)
sit at the bar tavern
stop sitting at the bar tavern
sprint/run around and make whoosh noises

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If you’re nerfing brutes ridiculously hard,could you at least buff the volcano fighters? They should be stronger .


In the stream tbey said exiles onky right now. But they are still working on the bugs, and once they do, mor ethan likely more of these bases ingeneeal, as well as Siptah. In my opinion, they can replace the sirges and use the pyramids on Siptah as raidable ove content.

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What about Siptahs missing delving epic armor recipes?
Vault mobs hp decrease?
Grey ones erasing me n my thralls with best heavy gear equipped within a few swings?


Can you guys test the purge to see if it attacks regular bases?
Or do we still need to build a box in a open flat surface for the purge to work? I can’t try it on console.
Thanks guys!

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Question: Can modders make destructible fortresses, castles, and enemy bases that can be downloaded and shared to the community for private servers and single player games? (expanding on what Funcom is providing)

Soooo complaint. You bring up additional dungeon set pieces including stairs and vaulted celings etc the very day that you took the dungeon pieces off the bazaar? REALLY! Sales should be having a fit over this.


In the devstream they said modders can modify the base thats on al-mayeyrah (the stygian fortress) but not place ones down in other locations …yet. Think of the new system as linked to that area being landclaimed by an npc so that when it respawns it just puts down a blueprint which is what can be modified.

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Question: Can we rescue caged thrall prisoners from the PvE castle(s)? If not now, perhaps a feature in the future?


No cages inside so far. There’s 4-5 chests in the courtyard and then like 15k gold in piles in the boss room. The rest is empty (besides the 2h hammer wielding defenders)

i still can not get it, how the game development continue to take decision of gameplay that force to build bigger when we know that zendesk spend its time to ban legit player for their buildings. i mean

tavern that is surely an interesting feature but that will force after the purge base to build another building (and i hope you don’t need to build something like in the picture you gave in exemple…)

jhebbal potion, removing the ability to craft it in your base is removing a lot of possibilty that players had since ever… I mean the fact to be able to teleport into jhebal and exit at set city was giving an opportunity to acces your maproom here, and was working pretty well with hidden and tiny base. de facto removing the ability that was giving jhebal potion force player to build base with maproom or tp (so removing the viability of tiny rat hole base) and no it will change nothing for people abusing non legit base as they have no problem to build tp or maproom where they live (it will only hit legit player that live in legit rathole tiny base)

  • Added “Give All” and “Give” buttons to the Improved Dismantling Bench.
  • Items that cannot be dismantled can no longer be placed inside Dismantling Benches, making “Give All” more useful.
    personnaly i was using bench to drop off to not have to sort out my inventory, give all and having all going in dismantle bench was fine. if i go on a farming session especially with a x4 farm rate my full inventory is done of 95% stuffs that will no more enter in dismantle bench. so i will now have to use vault or lot of chests to drop off. so again you removing a feature that was allowing to avoid to do field of containers. dismantle bench were also good to hide your loot as they are tiny and have a lot of inventory capacity. so doing this change in term of gameplay will force to use vault or chests, and one dismantle bench = 5 chests, so more space to be used.
    and what is the new solution of stockage that match what you are removing ? something tiny that avoid to build a field of vault ?
    To be able to now dismantle all equipable equpment is good, but in term of gameplay i dont see the point to remove the ability to drop off all.
    or do the test, go do a farming 30 mn sessions into a dungeon in full encombrance and take all. then go back to your base, normally your inventory will be full, 80% of it of raw materials. try to sort out yout inventory before logging off and test what take the less time, drop off all in your dismantle bench including all materials that you will sort out later when there is quantity that desserve to do it, or is it faster to only be able to drop in your dismantle bench the few equipements that you will have in your inventory and than to still have to sort all the rest (80-90% of inventory) in additional chest or vaults. so nop personnaly it will not make life easier but more complex.

and i mean who asked for those changes ? does this change will help to make smaller base or not ? and can we have something in term of game developement that matcht the policy that zendesk apply on official server ?

now feedback on The Siege of Al-Merayah, that i tested on live beta. that will probably be an interesting event on pve server giving experience and learning the raid system. i would suggest that in the same way that when you defeat a commander in the surge, a in game message appear when you defeat the stygian commander (as actually it say nothing at all, and you can have doubt to know if there is something else to do or not). the event will not have a lot of interest on pvp server, as if you have experience in raiding it will be just a matter to break one wall to access commander. you should may be consider to give in the loot table some recipe or legenday weapons to give an interesting reward and knowing that now on conan exiles there is no easy way at all to get legendary weapons (which there is on siptah, so will be good to introduce a way to have more than 1 legenday weapon either in the surge or siege of al meravah). actually the loot table is mainly 10000 gold coins and some randoms stuffs in low kept it low for loot of dp which is good (no easy farming of explosive is needed!!!)

about cannibal brute, hard to understand what is done on thralls, I mean why in previous update make the weaker thralls the stronger, and the stronger nearly the weaker… so i will have no problem to have darfari champions nerfed, but there should be a review of all thralls that are actaully dramatically low on hp, and i mean what is point to do surge on conan exiles level 10 to have thrall that can be killed in few seconds when it take 5-6h to level them up. so i don’t know either make thralls easier to train or give them back a decent hp pool in a time where players do amount of damage they never did in past…

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