Purge always target the same base

Game mode: Online private NO MODS
Type of issue: Bug ?
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Purge is only targeting one base on our clan. Other active players have no clan and one base so we can’t compare but on our clan, we have 3 bases that should be eligible to purge, but only one gets targeted every time (and of course, this is where the purge has no thralls to give …).

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Get purged
2.Open map
3.See that it’s in the same base again
4.Cry because you made other bases on the desert only to catch a t4 blacksmith to repair legendary weapons.

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same here

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My experience is that the purge always targets the last base to have any construction done on it.

Wrote this on Steam:

How it works now:

aolksfjalksjfaklsjflaksjdflasfasfsafj attack that single fireplace instead of that base because…REASONS!

Here’s how it works on the upcoming patch:

(Server Play)

Your base has an internal point system that the Purge looks at to see if it’s Purge eligible. The bigger and higher tier your base is, the higher the points, and the more likely it is for the Purge to target that base. There is a random variable thrown in there so that other bases can be targeted, but it’s weighted to value the bigger, higher tier bases.

(Single Player)

Whatever base you are closest to will be the one targeted. If you have a base in the sand, and another in the snow, and you are near the snow, the snow one gets targeted.


Hey there,

We’re aware of the Purge mechanics needing an extra bit of love and we released several changes and fixes over the past Testlive patches that aim to make this mechanic way more reliable, rewarding and fun.
@Multigun summarized quite well the differences between the old and the new version of the Purge :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback!

I just posted this in general because same issue is hitting me. I was unaware of the point weighting used.

Perhaps inneed to downsize. Lol

Yes we got 6 wave skelly purge hit front and back of base alternating waves with a undead dragon at end fun fight but hitting same base over and over is old have 4 major bases between 3 clan members and I have been doing a lot of building but none of the ones I was building on gets hit.

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The new point-based system sounds like a great improvement, but I’m wondering what happens if a base is extremely spread-out.

Does the new purge still pick a fixed spot on the base, visible by a map marker, where all the waves try to march to, attacking whatever is along the way?


Does the map marker simply indicate which base is going to be attacked, and it’s up to the defenders to figure our what portion of their holdings are about to get trashed?

I’m looking forward to seeing the new Purge in action. Only, I’m a little bit afraid that I may break it, or it may break me, because all my bases are connected by foundation blocks (yes, I’ve built a road from Sepermeru to the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts). So I wonder if I get a “Purge wave hits my Flotsam base, regroups, the next wave hits my base near the Den, the next wave Camp 24” or if the whole Purge just decides “ah, screw this, we can’t figure out if this is a network of bases or Cybertron, we’re going home”.

This :slight_smile:

So as a question about the point based system. Because I am trying to understand it.

I read that placeables add points to your base. So decorating is sort of a danger now? Or I should say a liability.

I tend do like to create simple structures using caves etc. Then make them really cool on the inside with decore and some building pieces.

Should I be avoiding this?

I guess that begs the question, “What constitutes a base?”

Is it:

  1. Anything built on the same snap grid / decay timer, even if they are geographically separated by a long distance (i.e. two towers that once flanked a long wall, but the wall has since been dismantled).
  2. Anything in a similar geographical area, even if they are not all on the same snap grid (i.e. a village where there are lots of buildings in close proximity but are not on the same snap grid).

EDIT: Based off of a private conversation with a very knowledgeable community member, I’m thinking bases are defined by holdings that have been wrapped in a “navmesh” since ‘that’s how it’s done now’. (i.e. Using the examples above this would mean each of the two towers would be surrounded by a navmesh and considered a base, as would the cluster of buildings comprising the village.) However, I’d still like to have this confirmed since it sounds like there have been some pretty sweeping changes.

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