Purge and Gates: Lets figure this out

There has been some work done already. Lets try to hammer out the rest. Many people are having purges fail because they have a gate. However other people do have gates and the purge still works. Why? If your purge base has a gate and the purge works, show us what you got. Lets see if we can spot some kind of difference.

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Pictures to come later.
But this one did manage to get a purge to knock on an Aesir gate.
PS4, Siptah.

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No idea what is going now, i got 3 bases - 3 different servers Exiled Lands. Purge worked on all of them now they dont. None have any gates.

Im not moving. So ill have to wait for a fix.

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Ok just did one on one of the mentioned servers and it worked.


Maybe so many people doing them affects it? last night there were 20 online and now there were 4 .

No idea.

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I have a single stable gate at the entrance. I just leave it open to let them in (open in so they don’t get caught on the sides of the door). It’s basically just to keep the sand reapers out when I’m away.

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I got the base to get purges consistently last night but the same base with only more thralls wouldn’t purge at all this AM with less people on.

I’ve found some very odd things with it due to “obstructions” I think? I tried to originally put a siege cauldron, but it wouldn’t work until I removed it. So… yeah. Maybe you have too many thralls blocking the path? :unamused:

I like to think of it as the game bows itself away and back into the shadows, knowing the superior opponent has challenged it.


Added some things and linked the guarding thralls to the door spots. Work for about 5 minutes before the game cheated and tossed the board up in the air. (Yeah @den , I went there. I went to your purges are like my kids playing monopoly… cheaters all of them)

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To be entirely fair, Stygians aren’t lauded for their great valour in Howard’s works. :wink:

But yes, they slither back under their rocks to hide with great frequency.


I have a purge base that is just a hallway with like 12 normal doors and they funnel like sheep. If I put a gate on it the purge fails to launch.

OK did a purge this morning level 2 - worked.

Did another one, same server after camp despawned- level 4 didnt work.

Lol this is how I see it…

“There’s a siege cauldron with burning tar above that very tight space. It’s sure to hit us! Well screw that! Not worth it! :sob:

can’t place camp

Meanwhile, me shooting tons of noxious clouds is perfectly fine. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that leg traps don’t slow any NPCs down, but I can’t go past one without momentarily being crippled.

I have done many sessions, most of them have deleted photos.
But let’s take it from the beginning.
My very first attempt for learning purges on my single player

To this base i used lvl 0 archers and lvl 0 Lians. I made about 20 purges different lvls. A couple of times i had the message that purge cannot reach, or after it started in the middle for absolutely no reason, the purge stopped because they decided that they cannot reach the treasury chest :man_facepalming:.
Goofy times :rofl:. Yet like i said, i made 20 purges successfully, so it wasn’t the gate.
I made a small challenge that one topic of @Archivist inspired me, to do purges only with pets. I did it on 3550 and i used Aesir gate. I am sorry i don’t have photos, but it worked with minor problems and i enjoyed the slaughter of lvl 10. 12 alfas and 50 simple pets died in this battle, in the end my hands were shaking, amazing experience. But sorry, no photos :confused:.
Now in my regular server, my son build this…

It’s not a good purge base, but since my son build it i use it to thank him for his effort. So far in this server i went only until lvl7. I repeat the same lvls many times patiently because i try to understand each lvl the best i can.

Now the only explanation i can give, why my gates are working, is the only thing that @Glurin didn’t try in her video.
I always leave my gate open and disable auto close.

If the gates are open, the purge can trigger. I know that for a fact. The path is clear at that point. Has anyone gotten purges to work with closed gates?

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Yes on my server (private ps4) all the purges that I started we succeeded.
I put two gates face to face and a corridor in front with attackers on the ground and archers on the ramparts.
I only had one error message when the raider base appeared against the ramparts of my base on the opposite side of the doors.


True brother, yet what i forget to mention to mention is that i use to leave the gates open until the wave that enters is something i can handle, close them to kill the incoming and open them again. At least in the first minutes of the purge this way was working. Eventually the demolishers would brake it and i had to retreat more to control the waves on narrow passage. But this was the way i started with purges, not anymore.
Yet you are right, an open gate is not an obstacle for purge creation :+1:t6:.

I saw a post somewhere explaining this, apparently the alignment of the gate has an effect. Apparently the gate must face outwards (towards the purge) for the purge to work. If the gate faces inwards, the purge would fail? I havent actually tested this but I intend to.

Problem is that many gates are very symmetrical, and its difficult to see which way is forward. If you set thralls to guard the gate, they can only be placed on the outside of the gate, so this will tell you which way is “forward” with the gate.

Here is the issue though. The old purge put any and all your base designs at risk because even if it couldn’t be reached, you were punished with teleporting attackers into your base. This new purge design limits your architecture skills in that you have o build it in a certain way for it to be triggered. This means that either you limit your building ideas or create another base that is purge friendly.

I don’t believe this was the intent of the new purge system. I think it was suppose to test your base designs and give PVE a little more spice than just the standard dungeon crawls. The player reactions to what was implemented is as far away from that goal as possible.

I would have it use the same mechanic as the old purge in that it finds a spawn area (and you can put a base in there) and then purge enemies come at you. If the path isn’t clear, then it teleports the attackers. You call the purge so you want a purge on your treehouse then expect it to pop into your treehouse.


It’s npc sorceryl! They can teleport without using stones. :laughing::+1:

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