Purges, Working as Intended?

I did a forum check, last time this was brought up was May '20. Seems to be happening again. Purges not happening. I do solo stuff, so the Purge is something I work to defeat. But it seems that for some reason, either the Purges are just plain weak: 3 Lizards (with maybe 8 standard reptile types w/o any boss croc), 1 Jhebbal Sag (I think 4 hyenas), and just recently a Black Hand Pirates with nothing in sight. This last one, purge started, heard the horn a couple of times (nothing on screen), and suddenly they were defeated. Not sure by who as I stood on the wall I had built during the entire purge, wondering where everyone was. Oh, I was also right next to the Black Galleon, so they really could not get lost. :smile: I contrast this with my first purge when some acolytes showed up and wiped me/base off the map. Has something happened since then (about ~5 mos ago)?

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Yes, Purges, AI pathing, thrall behaviors – its all long overdue for an overhaul. One of the best, most loved systems in Conan Exiles desperately needs some love.


Agreed. I would love to see the purges revamped with added features and improved in terms of reliability.


If they aren’t working on EL, it may be a conflict with the encounter system. Theyre working on my map ( I use the siptah table currently) so the base level purge system appears fine.

The purge can have a tough time getting to your base if you are built close to enemy NPCs. I get a purge once every week or two, and so far over the past few months only one has glitched out due to pathing. If there is a clear line to your base, thralls will spawn and walk it, if there isn’t, they may not spawn at all!

You may have a point. The Lizard purge had a couple of humans run up to my base, which I have at a high point. Then some lizards slowly came up. Wiped them out. The next group never showed up. Then the purge ended. The one purge that wiped me out, really easy to get to. I hate to think that I have to make it easy for the game to try and wipe me out!

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