Purge bug help me

We have a big problem with the official server purge 1041 pve-conflicts. When the purge arrives, it lasts barely a minute with a single wave, since the Ekke clan built their Chinese wall in front of our base, the purge is kidding. Knowing that the wall is just there to prevent us from fully enjoying the game, the wall is not attached to their base. Can you do something PLEASE?

So, someone else has built a defensive wall in front of you, and your purges aren’t smashing it well enough?

Did they build it just to be obnoxious to you?

yes they surrounded us our base and I asked them why so close to us and they answer why not so it is really for us to be unpleasant. They are on the way to where the purge occurs. Did the problem come from there?

If the building gives no purpose to them, or to any other - fc may ban or remove the building.

Just report it in a PM

Thank you for your reply. Since the purges don’t work anymore it has discouraged me and my friends to continue. We are thinking about maybe going on the new map. I’ve been playing for 1 year now and I’ve seen a lot of wrong things (source blocking, build on passage, abuse of my slaves to kill the boss, candle on slave apparition locations, etc.). The summer is too much. Thanks for reading.

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