Purge comes inside of textures and inside the base

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Purge bug
Region: EU Official Server

We got a base in deserters gutter. Every time the purge comes, it appears in the base and in the textures inside. What can we do about it?

I have to say, it takes a very long time until the purge comes although you know it comes in every moment.

Are there possible reasons for this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Finding out reasons for this bug
  2. Check the construction of the base

Hello @Dejo707, could you please share more information regarding the base’s layout, preferably through screenshots or a short video?

The purge may spawn inside bases in situations where it’s unable to calculate a path from its original spawn point to the target base.

Be sure that is an open way to your base, even if you put it in an elevated spot be sure to build a stair long enough for the purgers to climb it. When the purge occurs let them come and destroy the lower part of your stairs: they won’t spam inside the base and always try the old path where the stair was.

Usually you only need to do this once, for the first purge, but to be sure rebuild the lower part of the stair and (eventually) crash it down when other purges occur.
It usually works for me, the frst purge 99% pf times spawns inside my base not being able to find a way to “walk it in”, so create a fake path, or a decoy (a useless tower near your base).

Hope it will work for you too
(unless they create flying monsters or spiders that can actually climb walls ^^)

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