Purge in snow , highland , jungle , and more except all the south zone are never spawn named thralls

Game mode: PVE: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Asia

[Describe the bug here]

*** I hope you already have known this bug.

Some people said it already have fixed on the testlive version.

But Its never be fixed in the main game.

When this bug will be fixed in the main conan exiles game ?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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It will be fixed when testlive moves over to the main game. Testlive is a public testing ground for the next major patch. Once Funcom feels its ready, they then move testlive over to the live/main version of the game.

No. It have not been fixed. I just install testlive and try it myself in single player by force purge.

All zone except all the south zone are still never spawn T4 Named thralls.

They only fixed naked bug.

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Any dev can respond this ?

I want dev to known it and fix this bug.

We answered in the Steam thread, but I’m doing to copy-paste it here too:

We fixed many of the spawn issues regarding high tier thralls in world and during purges. Additional purge fixes, including the one you point out, are being tested internally. We found that the purges would start at a random subwave, so if you had a difficulty 4 server, and the purge spawns a Darfari purge, you would only randomly get “full waves”, meaning that it might start at level 5 out of 6 and thus only produce two waves. We are changing that so that the purges will always be “maximum wave length possible for the server difficulty” instead. This also means that more waves spawn, and thus more named thralls.

You don’t understand what I mean , lets back to steam topic
I already have reply you in steam discussion. I hope you will understand.

I think what Marisa is saying is that even purges that should spawn named thralls don’t spawn them. In both testlive and the release version of CE.

Yes that’s right . that’s what I mean, Thank you Aaron

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Yes, I had understood what Marisa meant. Let me rephrase my answer just in case it wasn’t too clear previously:

The issues that are being mentioned are partially fixed on our TestLive servers. Additional fixes are already done internally and will be patched to TestLive as soon as it’s possible. All these fixes will go to our live servers by the end of January/Start of February.


" Additional fixes are already done internally and will be patched to TestLive as soon as it’s possible "

Thank you so much Ignasis .
You give me hope.

I hope this bug will be really fixed and I will waiting for it.

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Here this is video I was up loading.
This video is not for fun , it is for explaining.

The video is so long , because there are 2 purge in this video ( 1 Purge ( 5-6 wasves ) is about 30 min ) , You might boring to watch.
Because to testing the purge is difficult and take so long to test. I was failed got 2 Locust Purge in desert ( south zone ) but I use " End purge " to reset it anyway.

This is important to make the game balance. because if the bug not be fixed, it will unfair for player who don’t live in south zone ( they will never get T4 purge thralls )

Please at least watch and try to understand the bug so you will fix it exactly at the point.

I also typing message during the video. and I hope this video will help explaining something.

This video I was up loading is also ready in steam discussion.


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