Purge incoming ... on the roof again

Every one on the roof !!! :

As expected it happen on the roof …


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A classic either that or directly inside the building. :slight_smile:

Alright, purge working as expected = fixed!

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I found putting actual roof pieces (like roof intersecting pieces) stops the purge from spawning on the roof, you see to the purge the top of the ceiling is just a floor not a roof.

Didn’t prevented them to spawn on my yamatai castle. Just luck :slight_smile:

interresting, wiil test this :slight_smile:

My latest Purge didn’t spawn on the roof. The first wave spawned normally, walked to fighting distance, fought and got beaten by my guards, and the next wave failed to materialise so I sat 20 minutes on my roof waiting for the horns to signal that the danger had passed.

I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than spawning on the roof.


after each wave test with a place-able, if you can place something, the purge is over, if you cant, might be bugged and will be over in about an hour.

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True for official and probably most servers, but there is a simple setting with checkbox that server admin can toggle.

Sneks are gross.

I host my own server for me, my gf and some friends… we shut down purges after 2 of them spawned inside the base and we had no chance to defend anything.

I wish I could enjoy this feature but I’m not going to waste hundreds of hours of base building just for another bug in the game. Not worth it until its fixed and works properly. I’m afraid I’m not gonna see that day before we move to something else.

This is done for RP purposes. You’re intended to imagine that these giant demonic snakes slithered up your dlc fantasy fountain drain to suck you off with the 18+ “snek or deck?” mod but you’re raging off the no effect whiskey brew and thus have to fight them indoors. It’s currently bugged to where they spawn onto the roof, please allow 24-48 weeks for a patch note where we RP implementing a fix.

Better than inside a wall where you can’t get to them

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