Purge inside base

I just had a very ugly surprise with a bunch of snakes spawned inside my base. I build in a tree and the nest of snakes spawned inside my base. Is this supposed to happen?

You need to check your septic tank…

If they dont have a path to bang stuff up to get inside, they spawn… you guessed it… inside. Youve got tree snakes…


Reference: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge

If a Purge is not able to find anywhere to spawn, it will spawn inside the ‘building’ it wants to go to. This occurs if something’s build on an island, the water, a mesa, top of a tree, or something that isnt on the regular ground.

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And if i make a fence of foundation on the ground around the tree i build on would that prevent this?

Maybe. Currently the Purge has a few “issues.” It “should” go for the fence foundations on the ground, but the Purge has also been known to spawn on flat ceiling roofs, too. I would also recommend using slanted roof tiles or ramps to cover the top of your base (unless you’re going to move into a cave).

But yes, if I had a tree base, I’d build something on the ground for them to go after.

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it’s ridiculous, I made a huge ground floor and they spawned again in my base
this time an army of cooks at least 50 of them throwing bombs

Lucky it wasnt Cimmerian Berserker purge xD

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I’m in the jungle, apparently, the cimmerian doesn’t come up there.

Yea it is

Honestly I’d like for them to make the purge smarter. As it is its largely pointless because people just build around the purge by building up in trees and then building a fake foundation down on the ground for them to smash, or building in the middle of a lake and then when the purge comes, destroying a sandstone connector so they can’t get to the building anyway.

The purge really needs siege weapons and ranged attacks.

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The purge should indeed be smarter, It should be able to destroy linked buildings (destroy the link).

Maybe even go for single pilars and foundations, use bombs, more havoc in general.

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so what just craft and farm few days and then lose it all to a purge? I play pvp , me and others would like to have a smaller base rather than stupid castles. add thrall limit and 50 purging idiots with bombs and everything is gone in few minutes

The purge should not attack chests or vaults I think, only spammed foundations pilars, buildings. Not the most valuable you have in chests.

I built a giant tree platform recently and discovered that,

  • Landclaim projects downward from the tree base in a cylinder, and placeables on the soil are included and connected;
  • Landclaim does not include any new building pieces placed on the soil below;
  • The tree base needs to have building pieces be “built down” to the soil (pillars -> ceilings -> walls -> fence foundations);
  • From there you can connect at the ground level.

Example: If you don’t do this, any fish traps you place (even though they may be within the landclaim cylinder) will decay faster.

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There is nothing wrong with the purges. I defended my castle from a Cimmerian purge of 100+ beserkers with just 3 fighter thralls lvl 20.

It must be something you’re doing wrong if they manage to wipe you.

Another thing to note about purges. And foundations they choose to attack.

You can build a 3x3x3 cube. If any of the ones you can reach is chosen (there all considered one entity) game will attack on foot. (if on a location that can be done so)

If it picks the one in middle. They’ll all spawn on top of cube.

Its good idea in general to have several bases. Even if you dont use them.
2x2 over in one spot, no door… just let people use it randomlly. One over there… another over there.

So when Purge Happens, its got 4 locations to choose from. Less risk of your tree base being hit. This can be bad if your thrall hunting them. (this also means you can build small greater wheel base about map in right locations to try for human purges.)

I suggest Pets, (if your heavy thrall user.) And use them inside. Or choose a type to be inside guards. (i use wolves, and store my wolves indoors) If I hear wolves attacking… I got stuff going on inside my base. I hear people? or Crocs, its down by water (crocs) or outside.

I’m not fan of tree/lolipop bases… Pain in rear to get tree mounts to line up (roof tiles also leave gaps… we really need a set roof piece for that.)

If your in singleplayer… more bases about map can help. (there more likely spawn in are your in… but they can be across lands. ) SP got abit more options that don’t hurt others like online does.

i’ve seen a guy on youtube with a huge castle and the purge spawned inside. Like :point_up: he said, it can spawn anywhere

Mind showing us your castle? :laughing:

Oh yes it absolutely can. We had a nice set of walls in the savanah with the lion and the tigers and elephants. The purge had plenty of room to get to the walls from all directions, but would instead often spawn inside my temple building lol.

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