Purge Meter Progress Relies Upon Building Base

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Other
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Not sure if this is a bug or intended. This play-through I tried something different. I did not start base building until after level 31. The purge meter did not start to move until after I achieved the build a base/home (?) journey step.

Expected Behavior:

Again, not sure if this is intended… Anyway I expected the purge meter to progress normally while exploring, etc. despite not having a base/home.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Explore the map uncovering map markers
  2. Fight a few beasties, etc. that get in the way, very few.
  3. Scavenge some armor from wanderers, not a complete set
  4. Farm the Black Galleon hidden chests for Sharkbite and the Hooked Sword
  5. At level 31, farm Sepermeru, get a complete set of Relic Hunter armor
  6. Setup camp nearby, no foundations
  7. Build initial furnace, carpenters bench, tanners bench and blacksmith bench
  8. Farm iron ore, wood, Sepermeru, etc.
  9. Complete building all tier two benches including Wheel of Pain
  10. Transfer tier two benches, etc. to the desired base/home, again no foundations
  11. Farm Sinners Refuge for a complete set of Asura’s Chosen (?) armor.
  12. Go home, Use Yellow Lotus to take full advantage of the Chosen armor. Farm stone, wood etc.
  13. Put somebody in the Wheel of Reeducation
  14. Start laying foundations, get journey step, the Purge meter will begin to increment

I did adjust the Purge settings like I always have before in each new playthrough. But as I have done this before and used the same settings, I don’t think the settings are responsible.



My normal play method is to create a temp base before building my final base. I usually abandon the temp base, leaving it intact.

On my next playthrough instead of abandoning my temp base, I will destroy it before actually beginning my permanent base. It will be interesting to see what the purge meter does: stop, reset, continue.

As mentioned, intended. the purge targets the base not the player. also requires the base be of a certain size as far as i know. The system targets a foundation as the goal of the attack.

Need a vault for what, storage? Remember, I’m playing solo.

My last question was what happens to the purge meter when your base (temp or otherwise) is destroyed?

Wak has done vids that use pillars and ceiling tiles to build a base. He builds a “temp”/distraction base. Then he spawns a purge… they don’t attack the pillar base.

In one of my recent play-throughs I left my temp base intact and the purge ignored it every time. Presumably because it was smaller than my active base.

Did you build your bases in different areas? Because the purge will attack the base in the area where you are. If you build a massive base in, say the jungle but when the purge starts you happen to be in the desert and you have a small hut there, the attack will target the hut.
Also, every you build is an experiment how well the purge works, because sometimes for example in mountainous areas, the game can choose a bad spawning point for the purge.

Edit: This is how it works in Single Player. I don´t know how the game reacts on a PvE server.

When the purge was close I’ve always been near my permanent base. And yeah the temp was near noob river and the perm was in the jungle.

When the purge initiates, there is a drop in your purge points. regardless of what happens to the base, your accumulated points towards the purge drop. In game actions then start filling the matter again. Once, we let a purge wipe out a base on the noob river just to see what happened. 1) took ages. 2) purge meter did not go away (but there were other valid bases, so not a good example).

Yes, building with pillars vs foundations currently can reduce or eliminate the odds that base will attract a purge since the purge targets foundations.

Cannot say that has been my experience. on a private server, clan has several bases in the highlands, one in the swamp/jungle, one on noob river, one west of the savannah, and one south of the meteor drop zone. frequently, no matter where we were, the jungle base was hit even though other bases were 1) more built up and 2) closer to where clan members were. Occasionally, the purge landed where an active player was located, but more often than not, that jungle base was hit. Eventually, it was decommissioned and the purge moved on to target one of the highlands bases most often.

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Ah, my mistake. I only read single player, not PvE server.

I have an EL save that I abandoned for playing on the Savage Wilds. Today if I won’t forget I will delete that base after a purge announcement and see what happens next.

I still wish that, in addition to Purges, that there were small(ish) bands of wandering barbarian gangs that moved across areas surrounding (in sight of) settlements and that would attack players or chase after them. On Siptah the bands would be near settlements and in the Exiled Lands, kind of anywhere.

Purges always make sense: settlements were always prone to attacks be those wishing to help redistribute goods. To keep from discouraging new players, these ravager clans could only start paying attention to clans and players level 20+. Lest we forget, Conan was indeed part of and created these types of wandering ravager hordes many times through his chequered life.

(am guessing all the above is impractical as it would hit server memory?)

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Single player. IC. Yes, that makes sense then. Guess it differs from server purge triggers. Good to know it behaves differently!

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Just tested it.
I destroyed my only base completely after the horns, and the purge still appeared but the enemies just wandered around not doing anything. I guess if you leave them their timer goes down and new wave starts as usually.

Yep, that would be fun - as would if other players intent on ‘redistributing’ other player thralls would have to subdue them before carting off :slight_smile:

Now if only purges were not tied to a specific block count.

Even when I have a base, the purge enemies seem to wander. I have to aggro them or lead them to the front gate. If they at least spawn near the front gate, they will/might eventually make it to sight a guard.

When they spawn at the bottom of the cliff or opposite of the gate (also bottom of cliff), I can: kill them myself, lead them to the gate or just let the timer expire. One time a 3-skull boss snake was at the bottom of the cliff. When I aggro’d it, it teleported to the gate… lame on so many counts.

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They are a lot of times very near-sighted.
I have a base on a cliff, but on the right side there is a path up there. They eventually find the path, but just run across in front of my base. I too have to lure them to attack something not just gather in a small pit-like valley…

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