Purge MOBS Attack Neighbor's Base

This is on Combat_TestLive_US3_PvE on PC.

My base on the southern river was attacked by imps in a purge. The first and last wave came along the shore from the east. Instead of attacking my base, they attacked my neighbor’s base, which is adjacent and east of me. Since I was getting the purge notification, I would assume the MOBS would only attack my base. Other waves came from across the river and only attacked my base.

This is the normal behavior of the purge. It will attack whatever is on the way regardless who owns it.


and clans know that so that build as close to as they can, just to have the purge hit you. Its rapid all over official servers

And this is why I build my base, then buffer it with low walls, out-buildings, and decorations so that when another player or clan decides to be “clever” the threat is diminished.

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