Purge needs a rework immediately

Funcom stop and I mean STOP letting the purge spawn into your BUILDINGS I don’t care if they spawn outside the base just NOT inside ANY STRUCTURES. Take all that time to build crap just for 20 guys to spawn inside a building to destroy it in seconds. No wonder most people play pve only so they can avoid this garbage system. I’m done done friggin DONE with pvec and pvp. Fck the purge and screw that spawn in your structures system. You can build all the defenses you want but none of that counts worth a fck when they’re spawning inside. FIX THIS NOW

To be honest…yeah.

NOT okay when this happens and in reality, I’d like to see refinements and optimizations to the purge in every patch, just to see that they know aspects are broken and are taking steps to fix it. Big ask? Yes, but still.

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I just avoid purges. They don’t mean anything to me anymore. Purge thralls are irrelevant now due to the specializations so just avoid them. Easier to do in Siptah than in EL.

How do you just avoid them? Do they do nothing if you’re nowhere near the base?

Is there a clear path from the purge spawn point to every block in your base? If there isn’t, that’s why.

When it’s your time to be purged, the server selects one block among all of the blocks you own, to be purged. Then it selects a point within a certain distance of that block, and marks that on your map. When a wave spawns, if the server can’t find the path from the wave spawn point to the target block, it spawns it on top of that block instead.

On Siptah, you can build a Convergence Trap and use it to clear your purge meter. On EL, sadly, the only recourse is to wait for the purge meter to go down on its own.

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There is a clear path that’s the problem but still shouldn’t need a “clear path” the games needs to recognize you have a base and no matter what it always spawns on the ground. Never should it ever and I do not care if it has a path to your base or not, it should never spawn inside ANY of your structures only on the ground. That renders any base defenses useless and pointless if you can’t build however you want and not want a direct path to your base then tf is the point to building? Purge is only going to destroy everything in 10 seconds anyway if it spawns in your structures.

Uh, no. The whole reason why it needs a clear path is because Funcom doesn’t want you to build a base that cannot be attacked by a purge.

I agree that they should implement it better, because right now there are too many corner cases where the algorithm believes that there’s no path when one does, in fact, exist.

But if you want to build a base that can’t be purged, then you’re gonna have to convince Funcom to change the game to let you do that.

Depends on map. Siptah there is a convergence trap you use. You need 200 unstable essence but that’s easy to farm at the pools or that one accursed camp that has the the minor monsters (just south of the tower on the grassy knoll).

Exiled lands…works if you are solo…leave your clan of one. See when you leave a clan, the system starts you fresh on the timer while the clan continues it’s timer…poor solo soul…but if you are the only one in the clan, you get all stuff to your personal inventory. Start a new clan…same name. No one is the wiser and you have a fresh timer.

I know way too much about this game anymore. You all did this to me.


Not entirely accurate. See my previous post.

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And technically the dismantling the clan works on Siptah…I just had so much essence I needed to get rid of

Ha! I had no idea about that! In my defense, it’s because I usually struggle to even get a purge as a solo. Thanks, I learned something new :slight_smile:

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I see you’re one of those guys that sees no issue with one of the biggest issues in the game. It has no reason to be spawning inside your base path or not. Who cares if people exploit it that’s what people do in these types of games. It’s hard for you to understand but it should NOT spawn in your house REGARDLESS of there being a path or not. :man_shrugging:t2:

I see you’re one of those guys who prefer to get personal when they don’t like what they hear.

What I gave you is Funcom’s own explanation as to why this isn’t a bug or a problem, but a feature they designed on purpose. And the reason I explained it to you is because I was trying to help you understand how the purge was designed so you wouldn’t have problems with it.

But apparently, having someone try to help is a good excuse to be snide to them :man_shrugging:

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No! Not big… quite normal.

What is a “CT”, and how do you make it, any examples or details?

Part of the elder construction found feat on Siptah. Same feat that gives you the ability to do surges. It’s hand crafted and relatively cheap to make (and nice little obelisk for decorating).


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