Purge not happening on Server 8140

We are playing on the official server PVE region LATAM, server 8140, our purge has been maxed out since 05/30 and so far we haven’t received any purges. We are playing 3 members in the Clan! Could you please analyze the problem?

My dear friend , you have to excuse my silly questions here .
Did you check the purge hours to see if you are online on this time schedule?
Did you speak with other members of the server to check if they had one and if yes what time ?
If you already did these 2 things then you really have a serious problem there :wink:

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Yes, I’ve already talked to friends from 3 different clans, they all have their bleed bar 100% filled and no one has received the bleed so far. The server is official, you don’t need an online player for the purge to happen, as for the time, it happens on LATAM servers from 18:00 to 22:00.

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Thats false.
Atleast 1 clanmember needs to be online to activate the purge.

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I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and I’ve had it for 2 purges being all of the clan offline. And we were also online during purge time and it still didn’t come. Other clans also did not receive the purge even with the bar completely full. I believe I am not wrong.

@RafaelLuz ,Well you are wrong, sorry my friend , the purges that you had offline was bugged purges not normal . To have a purge you have to be online at the purge timer , or else forget it . I do understand that in the past maybe you experienced something like offline purge but this ain’t gonna happen again . To accept purge you have to be online and that’s period .

Now , the question that comes is , can you or a member of your clan be online on your purge timer ?

Because this is the only way to have a purge on official servers .


resposta em português


O companheiro acima está certo ao afirmar que ao menos 1 jogador do clã deve estar online para o hecatombe acontecer.

O que vc deve estar falando são as várias notificações de hecatombe iniciado e finalizado que aparecem no relatório de eventos. Mas esses relatórios só indicam que o sistema naquele horário selecionou seu clã para o hecatombe, mas ele não ocorre de fato sem algum membro online. Vc pode observar que suas construções não foram atingidas e não perdeu nenhuma seguidor.

Se o hecatombe tivesse ocorrido sem ninguém online, fique certo que vcs perderiam TUDO.

Estamos observando demora no hecatombe no servidor que jogamos também. Uma dica é ficar online logo no inicio do hecatombe, as 18hs aqui no brasil.

Acredito que deva existir algum problema geral, pois tivemos hecatombe as 1:20h, horário estranho e outro pouco antes de terminar o hecatombe, as 21:50.

Sim, prepare rodas enormes pois no último enchemos 2 e não pegamos mais por falta de espaço!

Abração e boa jogatina.

Some servers on Siptah the Purge is bugged and doesnt get activated.

On 8014 EU it says it started, but the meter stays full, no npcs or anything.
Its been like this for like 10 days now.

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i have been waiting for my purge 1 week with full bar

True , bugs everywhere :crazy_face: , I , however never said that a purge cannot be bugged , I just said not to take a bugged purge for normal :woman_shrugging:t3: . I know that people here may play more years than I do and I respect that :wink:

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