Purge not happening

We are 6 players, renting server from GTX. 3 of us are at level 60 or so, the others around 10-20? We have a massive base by noob river and a small one by Shattered Springs. Lots of thralls and animals. Purge meter has been full for more than half the game, still no purge… Any idea when we can expect some new friends to visit?

I’m experiencing the same issue

Aer you on a vanilla private server? Official server? Modded Server?

My guess the noob river base is in no purge area and the other one is too small to be picked by the purge.

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We are on a vanilla dedicated server hosted by GTX Gaming. I can’t find any settings that declare any areas as non purgable… Can’t find any purge settings at all other than initial delay, which I think is just a cooldown between purges?

It’s not a setting and it cannot be changed via admin of a server. It’s hard coded so it would have to be modded out. Not sure there is a mod that removes the no purge area. Here is a video about it. No Purges EVER in this Area | Conan Exiles 2021 - YouTube

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Is this verified? The wiki says otherwise. The entire non-purgable area from the video is categorized as level 1 purge area in the wiki… The Purge - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

The wiki is simply out of date as there are only a few volunteers maintaining it now. Here is a quote from the 2.5 patch notes.

Purges are no longer spawning in the Southern region of the noob river. Giving them a chance, you know?

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