Purge not happening

Game mode: Online | Conflict #2733
Problem: Purge not spawning
Region: US

On my server the purge is not working because there are people that have built a wall with spike’s entirely around New Asagarth and other locations. Since the server is one that you can’t destroy other players buildings there is nothing that the other players can do to get to the locations. Was just wondering why the purge is not spawning and attacking these locations. My meter has been full for 2 weeks now and not one purge spawn.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The Purge has several bugs with it and is in the process of having several improvements being worked on and tested. Some of these improvements are on testlive now. More to come soon.

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Is there nothing that can be done with those that have taken advantage of the Purge not working and more or less wall locking locations and keeping them from other players?

Also on 2733 on the cliffs above that city. It’s been that way for months. We’ve learned to live with it. Purges will be figured out at some point ^^

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