Problèm with the purge

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE #1005
Region: [ Eu ]
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

hey Funlag.

since my house was destroyed. my purge bar is not filling up. I tried planting a bed somewhere else but it didn’t change anything. I’ve had this problem for quite a while. I had time to improve 15 fighters level 20 without the purge attacking me. so it’s a big problem.

if you dont help me. the purge will never hit me. and my fighters will simply be used to decorate…

you mentioned your base was destroyed right? it likely doesnt fit the criteria for a purge and therefore isnt recognized as one. where you place your bed has no bearing on whether or not a purge will spawn

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the problem is not the house. it’s the purge. this problem of purge appeared after the destruction of my house

thats- thats exactly the thing. purges have set criteria. your base probably just needs more foundations or walls depending on how bad the damage is

I have another house big enough for one person. built with good quality materials

im guessing it also didnt get purged? does it have a clear path that the npcs could use? if its on a cliffside that can be a problem

my house is in I3. next to the river. not in

i3? im not sure how much this counts for but in my experience purges dont spawn there presuambly because of the many rock formations they have to navigate

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Thank you for your answers

sure thing. hope i was able to help at least a little

Isn’t i3 in the purge free zone?
They added it a while ago.

Where in I3?

Your pretty much on edge of no Purge zone.

My base leads over to I3 from J3, Your likely not in good spot for the location.
I’ve been trying trigger into I3, So far only Imps on very east side. What leads into J3, Is Snakes, Imps, Razor Kitchen etc.

one person is small… and quality of stuff means nothing. It Set amount of Foundations needed. (I always forget number). 70-80+

yes I am close to the zone no purge . it could be because of that. so I should move … danmm need at lot of time for this… thank you guys !!.

in which place I could have a very complicated purge?. a purge that could earn T5s

t5s…? thralls only go up to 4 which is named. then theres variation in the quality of the thrall itself

but i’d say probably the highlands. and good luck. moving is such a hassle

t4 purge ?. and thanks

it worked. all the purges that I have not been able made . have triggered after my move. there have been several purges xD. thanks dudes

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