Purge issues after patch

So been testing the purge out and so far it rarely fires.
Only after adding the purge anywhere mod in did it start to work.
However, it was buggy…mobs would attack the walls then port inside the walls or on top.

So I removed the mod. Tried again. I actually got the purge to run however the mobs are still porting in between the outer walls or on top of the walls.

I guess they have ladders or secret tunnels they are using :stuck_out_tongue:

The purge behaved like this before the patch. Your bug report becomes even more irrelevant when you use mods to test game mechanics.
Before making a bug report make sure you read:

Agreed. That’s why I thought just a general question first. I haven’t experienced this type of bug before. I’ve seen where they spawn in base due, I think, because it’s close to a mountain, etc.
But never have I seen them run from a distance, attack the walls, then port onto the walls and attack thus my general question first.
I figured if a couple others had a similar experience then I would run some testing.
Love this game, only want to make it better.
Don’t want to submit already known bugs.
So there’s no reason for me to submit one based on what you have stated.

I just had a purge myself. It seems that the current purge will become focused on one particular building piece. And if it can’t get there, it teleports there.

In the purge I just experienced, I would find the spawning point of the enemies. They’d run towards my base. But as soon as they came near me they instantly teleported to the base piece they wanted.

same observation with the teleporting but not exactly at the piece they want to attack. the piece they wanted to attack was in the middle of my throne room while their teleport point was on a balcony about 5ish foundations away from the piece they had targeted

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