Purge not triggering in The Crevice - Exiled Lands

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug (Purge not triggering in specific area)
Server type: Single player - Exiled Lands
Region: EU (South Africa)

I have built a massive base with the new Stormglass build set in The Crevice but it seems the purge will not trigger. I checked the logs after my purge bar has gone purple and there was 15 registries of “the purge has ended for clan Azreal”. My character’s name is Azreal.

I have had many purges in the mounds area and if I go there now I know it will trigger there where my secondary fort is.

I do have mods:

  • Undead horse mount by Multigun
  • Less building restrictions by Multigun
  • Fashionist byTesterle

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Claim the Crevice with sandstone. In the name of Lord Azreal!
  2. Test out all the new benches and make a crap tonne building materials.
  3. Finish the essentials for a purge and go get more stuff at the fort triggering a purge (not intended)
  4. Build my a$$ off to get that meter going, and wait, and wait, and check the logs in despair… :sob:

If this is the Crevice in the Northlands, close to the Mounds of the Dead, then it may be due to your mods. I have set up there a couple of times on testlive and had a Yeti and Vanir purge spawn. Albeit both spawned only partially. I only had 3 Yeti spawn and 1 wave of Vanir. So it’s still possible that it’s just buggy/glitchy.

none of the mods should impact purge, but also purges are glitched-reported-and-acknowledged for a while now, especially in single player, still you may use admin powers to trigger it and see if it’s broken on that attempt

I must honestly say I do think it is the crevice. I have used purge spawn console commands and I cannot spawn it. It just shows that the spawned purge has been defeated, but my purge bar does not go down.

I also committed suicide and when I respawned the purge sound went off and said a band of cimmerian berserkers are scouting my lands. Sadly this did not happen and my purge meter stayed purple and full. The purge icon also did not appear as it was the first thing I checked to see where I need to ready my forces…

Thanks for the input guys.

try doing it without mods, in single player to see if they spawn

I really don’t want to lose my horse. And I kinda guess that if I switch off all the mods…Mortiss will be no more :skull:

then you cant say for sure if the issue is in the game or if the issue is due to mods.

he pretty much can

how exactly?

only way is to test it without mods. unless someone else test it for him.,

I built in The Crevice. Purges seem fine here (on a Gportal private server). (Last two were exiled Vanir Chieftain and Cimmerian Beast Tamers)

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Another potential issue if you switch off the mods - I was testing something that needed me to turn off LBPR - some chunks of the base vanished, importantly including several of the new crafting benches - if you’ve placed them close to walls etc, the game seems to view them as overlapping when the mod isn’t there and auto-destroys them.

What you could try (assuming you’re in single-player) is to back up the save file - then remove all the mods and try triggering a purge with admin commands. That way, whether it works or not, you can re-add the mods and go back to the point before Mortiss (and possibly some benches) will have disappeared. That would at least give you proof one way or the other - though, obviously, it wouldn’t actually solve the problem…


Ok guys, I have good news and bad news…

Bad news is after all the mods were removed from my modlist and trying to trigger it with the StartPlayerPurge command in the console, all I get is “An Undead/berserker/vanir horde has been defeated”

Good news after pasting my old save game file, Mortiss is well…undead and kicking! So to speak :rofl:

Even though it did not work, we can now confirm it was not caused by the mods. Thanks for the suggestions and help @DanQuixote and @Palm522. I appreciate it allot!
Now lets hope there is a way to fix this or at least some official input… I can only hope.

Thanks again guys! :metal: :smiling_imp:


Manually forcing to start a specific purge causes to automatically defeat it. I had this experience just yesterday (my poor greater sabretooth :sob: ).
Filling the purge meter and doing stuff for 5-10 minutes works, the purge starts.

And for the ghost-purge: probably they spawned under the map/inside collision?

I recently had a purge spawn on a base in the crevice. Lots of mods, private server.

Purges have problems. Some spawn points lie within objects, for example. Maybe trigger a purge and use “ghost” mode in admin panel to scout around. If combat music starts without visible enemies, that’s a hint to enemies hidden in the mesh.

Hallo Khaletohep and thanks for the suggestion.
My biggest problem with doing that is as soon as I spawn a purge while at my crevice base, I instantly get the message that the purge has been defeated.
But my purge bar goes nowhere.
I really don’t know if they even spawn and if they do, wherever they do, I don’t think I will be able to see anything as it’s so fast. Its like instant victory as soon as I spawn the victory message pops up.


You probably checked that already, but just to make sure: Is the “purge time” setting set too low, maybe even 0?

Really puzzling, can’t think of anything else right now.

Check your ConanSandbox logs in Logs under Saved. Look for the purge entries to get more details on what happens. My guess is that they can’t find a valid spawn point.

That would make sense @Narelle but in this case I don’t see why. I built the whole crevice. The big hole has a dark monastery that is based on a wedge pillar and fills the gap but then walks out onto a big courtyard with open stairs built about 12-14 foundations long. The opening is also surrounded by a big wall. So there should be enough “easy to reach” foundations for a purge to go crazy.
The other entrance has a gate and some stairs, no walls. Again very easy to access.
I try to build around the possible purge confusion whenever I build as the purge is the only excitement I get as a Single player that does not involve me go looking for it.

My purge times have been the same since I started Conan and played around with the settings. They come quick and they attack for a long time. I have had many purges all around the Exiled Lands, this is the first time and place I am having issues. But thanks @Khaletohep valid question and I do appreciate you trying to help.

Hey there,

We’re aware of some issues with the purge and our team is looking into them.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for the feedback.


Oh thank you so much for the reply! I hope you guys get it sorted with minimal time and effort and maximum results. Thank you very much.

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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