Purge not working at all

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvP
Region: Europe

I didn’t had any purge at all from like 4 weeks. Before the pet update purge meter was going up and after it constantly going down. I cannot get named thralls from purge and that means legendary weapons are useless for me because I cannot repair them with the items I can get from those thralls.


Same here.

This is THE most bugged feature in the game right now.
Meter reset all the time (pretty much every time I leave the game).

Also, I had the purge setup to 0 online player, but the meter was very far from being full (since it reset all the time). Yet, I got an offline purge while leaving the server ON for 8 days without playing. Some parts got destroyed.

if set to 0 this means offline purges may happen.

You need to set it to 1, then there need to be at least 1 player on the server (not by clan) to trigger the purge.

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