Purge problems for co-op multiplayer

My wife and I are new to game… only been playing a little over 1 month. But we can not understand why the purge never happens to us. Twice now the event starts… we stand around waiting for a party k of wolves to spawn in and attack . But nothing ever shows up… we just get notice that the wolves have been defeated. We never find a d wall damage or any thing that was damaged. I really want to fight off these purges… but the just never show… is it not possible to get them on a offline co-OP game?

Could they be attacking one of your other structures I have had that on Ps4. Can be little more than foundations. Good Luck.

I’m on ps4 as well have u looked at ur map when it says a purge is coming there will be two crossed red swords that’s where your purge is Turing to get to roughly hope this helps

Last night we got the notice that the wolves were coming so we also check the map and saw the location with red symbol. We then waited in that area for 15 or so min… that’s when we got the notice that it was over and we one lol. So we will keep waiting and hope we get to defend some day lol.

Some times the purge just find a proper way to your base.

I have a base high above the river. The purge started down at the river bed and found no way up. So I had to look for them. I found them hanging around down the river. After I killed the first spawn the next wave started also down at the river.
So maybe you have to search for your enemies and help them a bit :slight_smile:

I have had them teleport into building recently thralls had killed them by the time we got inside it was skeletal creatures. Also go into settings set purge to level 6. Should help with npc named chance . We have recently been turning off the purge when doing clean up on out server so as not to have to stop what we’re doing. No purge now can’t stop it.

Thank you all for your time. We will start hunting down the enemy’s and make them come and attack base lol… sad but I want to defend my place… and I want to experience a real purge… lol

Testlive has some improvements for the Purge. You may/will hopefully see some of those improvements next major patch.

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