Purge strikes while offline and Thralls not fighting...Pissed off female!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Ok, this morning I logged in and my sandstone wall, sandstone foundation and black ice foundations are missing. I check my event log and it states that Nordheimers III attacked my base and took out sandstone and black ice foundations and walls…also it states some system ruin. Well, I was on until 10 pm last night and no attack. Also, I make it a point to fresh everything when I’m log on. What really ■■■■■■ me off is I can’t put my black ice back in place because my large water well and Set altar are in the way. So now, my base looks like crap!!! Oh, and did I forget to mention that my thralls didn’t attack? I have t4 thralls and lots of them…plus, I have lots of t4 archers. Instead of fixing bugs Funcom is putting out new content to make extra money. I refuse to buy new content with all these bugs still in the game. I still have two water wells that don’t have water. I guess they want me to break down my other large water well and Set altar so I can put down my black ice foundation that was destroyed. Not happening!!! Well, in November Fallout 76 comes out and it looks like I’m going to be buying that game. Signed Pissed female from Central Texas!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


if you are playing SP I would suggest the Unlock Plus mod with pickup. I could not careless about the lock, but it lets you pick things up! It is amazing how much this will improve your game, especially considering the bugs that make life so frustrating at times.

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No, I’m playing on an Official server so there is no mods unfortunately.

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Crap, I just noticed that my High Priest Yog altar is missing too. What else am I going to find?

First: Dont drain wells, fishtraps or honey thingys completely or they will bug.
Second: If something is bugged once, think of it as gone for good. You will have to replace it. Not even fixes will “repair” those broken things.

By the way. Being female wont make a difference.

Oh and Fallout 76? It seems a lot of people will be buying that one. Lots of people who currently are playing CE. But dont fret… People will look back into this game once in a while. At each big update I guess.

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I’ll be buying Fallout 76 myself and I like this game.

It has some infuriating glitches and then the issue described here but all in all it’s still fun.

Me and my clanmates lost a T3 Ymir altar to an offline purge so I understand your frustration. The biggest time sink grind in this game is fully upgrading the Ymir altar. 75 zeal which equals 375 random NPCs killed and ice shards collected plus another 200 random NPCs with 200 ice shards collected to upgrade it and that doesn’t even go into the hardened brick needed to go from T2 to T3. Just getting to T2 is annoying.

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I guess I forgot to mention that the only working large water well I have is the one that the black ice foundation needs to be replaced. For some reason, when I place this water well it placed it a little in the foundation.

Nuria, if you know anything about females, you know that we pretty which is the only reason I mentioned it. After the purge, my place looks like crap.

Ymir, I don’t know if I have it in me to rebuild another one. Especially, since I had to create the Set altar twice already.

I still can’t believe this isn’t part of the game.
If I can pick up a map room in the desert and take it to the frost temple, why can’t I move an artisans bench a foot to the left?


So what?
Actually me and my clanmate are female ourselves. Yes, we like a nicely decorated home just as well and I get how replacing stuff can be a little… unconvenient.

But speaking of that topic… the male version of our clan is a little creepy. Like them wanting their ceilings exactly in row, not messed up or crossed. I really dont care, I do like stuff a little messed up… So I guess they are way worse when it comes to wanting a nicely built home. :joy:

Oh and you want to know something funny?
The other day our big well just went poof on restart. …

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Completely passing on fallout. Everyone is on the map and that’s only 24 people. No full loot. Don’t lose anything when base is attacked. So basically it’s all pve-co op. What’s the point of mentioning pvp in the game with no reward besides xp or caps lol. Lame.

not that hard to do , set is damn easy to upgrade. i agree the thralls not attacking is a bad bug that seem to be fixed early next week for official server. i believe both of us are in the same server. let me know if there is anything i can do to help you. i have plenty of everything.


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