Purge worming as intended?

After the patch dropped our tribe on an official pvp server finally had our purge happen after sitting at full purge meter for a week.
It was a silent legion purge, they spawned on top of my base and destroyed over 40 black ice foundations, ceilings and walls in a matter of less than two minutes.

Why does the purge not spawn a little ways from the base then attack? And why is black ice so damn useless? I could understand if my base was sandstone, but black ice destroyed that fast is crazy…

Does this appease you grammar warriors?

If you want people to read your post, you should give it a titles that describes to the topic. I would also suggest dividing your big post in to a bunch of smaller post and use the topic box to make people able to find the post. You might even get a dev to see stuff :slight_smile:

Just some Friendly advice :slight_smile: