Purges are really lame

I built a small town with 3 different districts, it is fairly large … however the purge makes 0 sense and ruined my experience… the NPCs spawn inside my town, behind the defenses, (it is not walled in or hard to access) and destroyed a number of buildings that should have difficult to get to due to the defenses I built … also my thralls wouldnt attack the purge unless I was within a few feet of them … a crew of 7 named fighter thralls watched my maproom get completely destroyed … on top of that the npcs were teleporting during battle I spent over an hour being purged where I just ran around as fast as possible since the npcs were teleporting, and spawning one at a time at random places throughout my town, so there was no way I could defend. I lost multiple named worker thralls that were protected by fighter thralls, (including some named priests) even though there were other priest thralls and lower level crafting thralls completely unguarded, with in a few feet of the thralls who were destroyed…Anyone else experiencing these issues… no point in defenses, or building if this is how purges work… its bullplop

Ps. Wrote this on my phone sorry for any errors

They re-spawn/teleport near the last thrall that hit the purge NPC.

I had to watch the purge happen to find improvements. I wish I had a camera that would record purges and raids, so we can study it. Right now it is best guess.

I assume you touched the behavior settings.

I am a total noob, just started playing a few weeks back, I’m on an official server and have not adjusted any settings.

They re-spawn/teleport near the last thrall that hit the purge NPC.

They were spawning/teleporting so far apart from each other that couldnt be the explanation. They would spawn in separate districts (my town is massive)

You’ll have the adjust the behavior settings. I do it a lot and wish there was a easy way to toggle a favorite mode. Just hold square down over it until the follower/thrall pie menu pops up. There you can select behavior.

Oooh, yeah my fighters are all set to either “attack all enemies” or “guard area” … that’s why I dont understand

Okay. I set the chase and attack distance to max. That usually wakes them to fight.

Also try the stand and defend or prioritize melee/ranged.

If you choose stand and defend then notice that they will engage even if following behind your run. This one is obvious for base defense.

Last major raid on me I found out I did not set them all right. The raiders just passed the thralls right up.

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