Purges in Mounds of the Dead

I love undead and I love purges. But getting purged by undead all the time is getting boring.
Is there any other purges coming? (I am purge level 6)

On a side note, the purge undead dragon drops the star of the champion. I feel like this is unintended? A legendary chest key would make more sense.


According to wiki you might get The Forgotten Clan purge.

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Our clan had The Forgotten Clan purge there also

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No wait:

If his setting is lvl 6 each purge you cannot have Forgotten Clan (lvl 1-4).

But you can have:

  • A clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers
  • A tide of Undead
  • A throng of yetis

According to the wiki.

We had the clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers, with wolves, mammoths and a White dragon as boss, beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:


Great! Now I finally understand why I also just get Undead Whites instead of silent legion when crafting undead…My luck SUCKS A$$!!!:rofl::joy::rofl:
I have had 5 purges, all undead! First 3 was fun but then it got a bit boring. I will maybe go and adjust my level a bit lower and see what happens… I was also thinking of making the purge trigger every 30 min like a massive purge assault. Great way to test what will come I guess.
Thank you so much for the replies @Qrizz , @tin_egg , @Born2bAlive


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Well, reducing the range (1-6 to 6 for example) obviously reduce the number of possibilities.

In any case you just had bad luck, you had 3 consecutive times undeads, you could had cimmerian beast tammers or yetis instead. :wink:

The only possibility you excluded with that setting was the Forgotten Tribe… (but obviously is the most wanted because without it you reduce 50% less chances to get T4 purge thralls and it’s easier to fight than beastmasters so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiling_imp:)

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Ok hold on, hoooooold on here. I think I am either F^ked up or I went and F^ked up.
You can set the difficulty from 1 to 6?
Not just 6.
I thought if you say difficulty = 6 then all the purge may still spawn but just with more health and bigger damage.
I don’t mind easier purges, I just want variety and allot of it! I will go and adjust as soon as I am home!

Wait… What I’m saying is if your purges are setted to be always level 6 you can’t have Forgotten Tribe purges, because they have only levels from 1 up to 4.

But I always played on official servers.

I don’t know how the settings work, so I don’t know if you have a parameter to set the minimum level, one to set the highest or something else.

Aaaah, ok. Cool man. Thank you. Im’ setting it to lvl 4!

Difficulty level affects number of creatures per wave and number of waves, not the individual enemy. T2 Archer spawned while Purge level is set to 2 will have the same stats as T2 Archer spawned while Purge level is set to 6.


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