Purple Lotus Orb doesnt work on some thralls. (Also why does it take black lotus?)

The purple Lotus orbs do not seem to work either on certain thralls or at certain locations. The example I have found is The thral spawns inside The Ravaged Barrows at the mounds of the dead. The relic hunters within will have their knockout bars appear, but they are constantly regenerating knockout so fast that it doesnt even make a dent. Sometimes it will go down about a quarter of the way but immediately regens back to full the moment it reaches that threshold. The archers seem to be the only exception to this. The named taskmaster there barely even seems to notice it.


NPCs that can’t reach a hostile will de-aggro and enter “screw this Im going home” mode. In this state they will rapidly regenerate health and lose torpidity. At the same time, the mounds with the mazes inside tends to trap NPCs, they cant path between the different interior sections. So they will tend to enter the regenerating state easier. That’s what I think is going on.

Fixing the pathing issues in the mazes could possibly fix it. Of course, this would make the enemies run and fight you outside the building, which would mess up the pacing of the encounter, the intention is probably a little dungeon crawl, not a pitched battle. So no easy fix for that…


As stated above, you cannot knock out NPCs that cannot fight back. They need to be able to hit you, otherwise they disengage and their concussion bar instantly regenerates.
That’s the reason you could knock out archers, since they could still shoot you with ranged weapons.

This was introduced with 3.0 to prevent people cheesing from rooftops with blunted arrows while the NPC was just stuck trying to reach you.

If you want to use those orbs though and good way might be to throw the orb while you’re near the enemies and simply hold up a shield so you block their attacks until they get knocked out. That way they won’t reset.


The “screw this im going home” mode was the dunbest thing funcom ever added if you ask me. Makes archery completely unviable, tactical retreats and even most flasks as well.

I mean i supoose, but they kinda ruined the entire point of the arrows. Personally i think the best solution wouldve been giving all thralls a ranged weapon.

Does throwing the orb remove invisibility spell since it’s not a hostile action? If not, there’s your answer. Invisible and throw the orb. It would be identical to Sepermeru.

Nevermind, just tested and you lose the spell once you throw the orb


Idk about invisibility, but the orb isn’t hostile. I tested it when I first got it on a lone fisherman. He just stood there like an idiot and I threw like 4 at him before it knocked him out.


It’s a VERY good surprise! Getting Thrall without aggroing all neutral NPCs in a mile is very useful.


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