Putting food in thrall pots reverts nudity to none

Game mode:Single-player
Type of issue:Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

When putting food in thrall pot, all thralls revert from full nudity to none. When I revert setting to full nudity (by taking admin rights), I then have to remove items of clothing that have magically appeared in my thrall inventories.

  1. Set nudity to full
  2. Put food in thrall pot

Not sure this is related to thrall pots… My thralls magically put on clothing items they don’t have every time the server restarts. Happened long before this update and the addition of thrall pots.

I can confirm this bug.

How to reproduce:

  1. Set full nudity in single-player game;
  2. Place a few NPCs (warriors, archers, entertainers);
  3. Remove their clothes;
  4. Place a Thrall Pot near the thralls;
  5. Add some food to the pot;
  6. Non-entertainer thralls will re-equip their default clothes. This happens every time you add food to the Pot. Dancers do not seem to be affected.

No eating without putting some proper clothing on!

Joking aside, that’s curious and thanks for the report. I noted it down and will have someone check on this. Can you also make sure you changed the nudity settings both from the main menu and in game settings?

Yeah so my wife keeps telling me! Psh, “bad example for the kids” and “giant panorama windows” and “neighbor complaints” are all meaningless words to me!

I routinely have to change the nudity settings back after a patch in my single player game, but usually only once. Then again, my character is usually clothed, so…

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it’s simply the good old ghost-clothes bug back with last patch, like so often with patches.

I don’t think it’s related to nudity-settings, it’s simply a thing triggering and giving the ghost-clothes to thrall when server restarts, or zone is reseted.

I was thinking it was probably related and tagged it as such internally. Still needs some more looking into :slight_smile:

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