Puzzles that are no more

So I thought to post the other two videos I made with my Early Access builds. I’ve posted it before on the Steam forums, but it was a long time ago, and those forums are no more as well. Just like these buildings, as we decided to wipe at launch (for the health of the server and to implement the decay system). At least they now continue to exist in this form.

This one has 2 puzzles in it - one at the Dam, the other one above the Crevice. One was an underwater maze with the reward chest in the structure above water. Simple to solve if solving a riddle, nasty otherwise. The other one was a combination of elevator tricks and platforming, one of the biggest challenges being to figure out how to get in.

This one contains my first attempts, it was a huge complex that was probably causing a lot of lag for some people. It had three puzzles, a classic maze, one with elevator tricks, and one with both and a bit of a climbing riddle (that is sadly not possible in game anymore, since the infinite climbing stamina method).

It was also my first video, so it kinda shows…

Anyway, cheers! :slight_smile:


And I just build the space I need lol

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