Pvc structure dammage

Can a boss do damage to a players building in pvc, there is a certain player who is somehow leading a boss to other players buildings and is carrying out damage.

Last I knew only purges NPCs can damage structures in PvE/PvE C…

If regular old world bosses could deal such damage we’d have a lot more problems with trolls.

In the past, bomb throwing npcs ( not broken in wheel) when trained into a structure have been able to destroy buildings in pve-c. ( player stands in front of structure while the attacking npc throws the bombs).

Not sure if it’s been fixed though…

I’ve had meteorites damage my buildings on several occasions.

forgot to mention the boss was a crocodile in the jungle, the guy the led the boss too other bases also built bridges over water for the boss to travel over

I know they can damage buildings outside raid times in PvP, my first lost house was due to someone bring the rotbranch to my house.

but this is a pvc server, so should be no building damage only in a purge

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this sounds like maybe a bug report should be filed and hopefully you can provide event log shots for them

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