PvE and pvec decorum

Ok forgive me…I’m new to the whole PvE thing and I have played lots of PvP so I’m a bit competitive on game play but not rude or anything. (actually I tend not to talk to the folks I am raiding…just stay business is business) but here is the question because I felt a tang of guilt. So pvec officials are littered with buildings so I pop off those that decay and effectively rummage through the loot bags. There are some I am more eager for than others, I’ll admit. Last night was a good haul off of one building. However I saw them on today for about 10 minutes…and then left. They didn’t say a word to me… I felt bad for some odd reason and I’m curious what is the manners of PvE and pvec…do I let it decay or do I pop it and get some loot (hence the name lootbag)? Am I the baddie?

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In my opinion, if they can not be bothered to log in for over 168 hours they deserve to lose the lot. Loot then pop though. That way you’ll get more in the long run.


I don’t personally play on official. On my private ps4 server I would not pop some one’s base but if someone else does that is part of the game also we have 292 hours decay if you don’t show up in that time we’ll you are fair game. Pve-c by the way with some changes to make it easier for new people

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I play pve official and yeah… it’s fine to do it. As they said above, loot the base before dismantling the entire thing though. However, be aware, if it’s a huge base with well established stuff, it’s likely you’re not the only one watching the decay timer. Last one I looted, someone beat me to much of the good stuff. I usually just go for crafters and rare materials. Fortunately, my clanmate managed to get at least a named alchemist… still, be aware of your surroundings. Go for the tables and areas you want to loot first (ie, need a blacksmith? Go for the blacksmith table first).

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I looted my old base and it was fun the thralls should be gone tomorrow I am sure others got to it earlier.

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