PVE base - 3 Weeks to Prep, 3 Hours to build

I am certain other folks have had the same frustrations I have with base building, not realizing the error of your ways until rectifying them is the work of days at the cost of critical resources.

This time I took a different approach.

  1. Patterned the base I wanted to build in a Single Player game in Admin mode
  2. Created a spreadsheet to detail building pieces and resource costs
  3. Spent a long time to gather resources to have, on hand:
    a) 26,364 Hardened Brick
    b) 7120 shaped wood
    c) 4526 Steel reinforcements
    d) +25% of each resource to mitigate waste/ error/ new ideas
  4. Spent three (3) hours building the base
    a) This included 40 wasted minutes when a dodge on a hill disappeared my character so that I could get hit but could not inflict damage, a mad dash to an elevator, a ride to the top, and watching myself be pushed off the elevator and fall to my death
    b) Luckily my bedroll was on me rather than at my new base because, stupidity

Pictures below20190904161102_1 20190904161107_1 20190904161122_1

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