PVE boring and PVP too much challenging

Dear Funcom,
as the game is made today, make the action too much different from PVE and PVP and the challenge is too much “limited”. There is no middle way.
PVP is impossible to play because (and you know) so many cheaters (there are still the same bugs from day one). The only way to play PVP is by joining a full Clan with at least 2 presence ever logged.
There will be nice to add some mechanics that allow non-hardcore gamers to play and enjoy the PVP. Today only cheaters can play PVP … all the rest of the people leave the official servers in 2 weeks.
There are tons of ideas on how to add features to make PVP viable … just consider them …
Btw … do not make the mistake to change the “Isle od Siptah” as a simple new map, add difference e if allow Transfert … be sure to move naked players!
(My 2 cents.
Allow clans to have a limited number of thralls/pets and allow to have so many followers as the clan size limit.
E.g. I’m playing solo… I can have 4 followers. We are 2 in a clan, we can have 3 followers each. We are 3 in a clan, we can have 2 followers. We are 4+ in clan … 1 follower… )


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First of all my friend Merry Christmas. If pve is boring, you can always try playing barbaric mode. Anyway I like just one part of your ideas and I support just this part. No thrall transfer, it sounds fair for the persons that played so long in this island.

Dear Stelagel, Merry Christmas to you. Barbaric is local and I like to have an official PVP server … not so impossible to play.
The thing most depressing is that PVE servers have no real challenges once get high-level gears and PVP is almost impossible to play without cheats and hardcore gamers clan.
The Isle of Siptah should introduce …" fresh air" to the game, I like new mechanics, no maps … a hard way to get thralls, etc …
It Will be nice to add special resources/recipes for high-level gears only on a specific map to force move …allow only special resources to be moved between servers.

It will be nice to have an official server with grant-time from the same clan attack, allow to attack the same clan just once a week.


Well, I agree, I ask several times for pve officials barbaric mode. Veterans in this game need a real challenge :wink:. There are 2 reasons I didn’t make my own server this way.
1st the honey barrel.
When you have the opportunity to go admin mode (honey barrel), you will go. This game can give you frustration in seconds, so instead of farm back you press the magic button and replace everything. This magic button hovever it will steal the magic of the game :wink:.
Populating a server like this one is extremely difficult and if, just if you manage to find 10 persons to play in this server, then you will use the honey barrel to keep them.
So theese 2 reasons stop me from doing it :cry:.
About pvp I believe that it still needs a lot of job. The mechanics are still in process, the system is unfair and the servers are lagging badly for pvp. I don’t blame Funcom, other games like ESO has plenty of problems on pvp too. Cyrodil is lagging badly in ESO.
For me, if I can suggest something that would make pvp a little fair is just 3 things.
1 vault per clan. However this vault would be unbreakable. This idea would help a lot of the solo pvp players, or the smaller clans. It would give them a fightback chance.
The raids to be treated from the mechanics as purge. At the time that someone starts attacking your base not to have the right to build. The greatest crushes on this time are caused by the players who try to build or repair. If the opponent is better then, well, he win. If you have a vault however unbreakable you can build back in no time and give your answer :wink:.
Chests must break with axes too. Or we could have a lockpick mechanism. However if you use a bomb to destroy chests, then everything inside of it should be destroyed as well. This would prevent the mindless bombing and place room for more strategic attacks :wink:.
Believe me, I played a lot of pvp, I started from 0 decades of times, I love to start from 0. Still not everyone does, so your friends are getting tired and you remain solo in a pve server fixing museums and gifting volcano thralls and legendaries to players that do not understand the effort to gain them :joy::joy::joy:.

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