PVE-C Official #1822 being DDOS'd? 200+ ping

Have been playing Conan Exiles since December 2019. Recently there’s been an issue with the server ping on pve c official #1822 over 200 ping. All other official servers show as 30-50 ping now.

Would just ‘find a new server’ only I have invested a significant quantity of time on this server already. Members of this server generally suspect two players as responsible. Mom and Giles, they spam foundations and grief by building tall spiked walls around key areas of the map to prevent player progression.

This has been starting about every night this week when they are on, they wait until the pvp timer starts and names are hidden then the server gets DDOS’d. While ingame will either get kicked out or rubber band so badly can’t even move.

This was just triggered before I was able to get back into my base so now I’m exposed to the elements outside carrying extremely rare equipment. It’s been a long damn week routing ICU RN’s nationally in the US to help with COVID-19 been a lot of over time would have been nice to enjoy playing Conan. Now I’m refreshing the server list hoping the ping goes to 140 or below so I can at least get to a safe area. Would be nice to get some sleep…

Wrong forum. Here’s a link for you: https://forums.funcom.com/c/conan-exiles/5

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