PvE-C official server 1821 Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker thralls starting with zero strength

Online official (1821)

Just noticing that my Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers all start off with the same stats, the most frustrating being that they all, including fighters, start off with zero strength, whereas other T4 thralls all are starting with 15-25 strength. Is this an intended mechanic? It seems that fighters should start off with at least some strength. NOTE: Other faction fighters are starting with good amounts of strength. It’s just the Relic Hunters that spawn in the Unnamed City that are having this issue for me.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. K.O. a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker from the Unnamed City
  2. Wait for it to be broken
  3. Place the thrall in the world
  4. Check the stats.

Not a bug. The base stats depend on the faction.

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Relic hunters, as per the wiki, are supposedly the 2nd best of all fighters. Having them start at 0 seems counterintuitive.

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Where do you read that? Remember also that the wiki is maintained by the players so there might be one or another outdated page.

Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers come in 15 varieties (IDs) of Archers and Fighters, but all have the same stats. I think at one time they were considered 2nd best, but not after the December release. All 15 have zero strength as a starting value, but there are more considerations that are not evident from the stats page, unlike pets.

Is there a particular reason this is labelled as a bug?

While I have never used them, they seem pretty generic to me. There is no reference to 2nd best on the current wiki that I can find. I tend towards Cimmerian Berserkers.



I labbeled it as a bug simply because I thought it might be one. I was referencing https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Thrall as my source for them being 2nd best due to the line attached in the image. I’ve been using relic hunter treasure seekers exclusively at my main base and have yet to find anything short of 3 world boss level creatures that can take them out, so having them have 0 strength showing seemed like a bug to me. Apologies if that isn’t so.

Larannas, the weakest to strongest appears to be stale data and left over from prior to the December patch, where the Followers were radically changed. It is a bug, but may only be in the Wiki. Those of us who maintain it simply have not gotten to it yet. Good catch !

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, but if it works for you, bravo :slight_smile:




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