PVE-C servers and the day night catch up setting


I played on Official PVE-C servers when I started out.

There was always a significant lag of assets and such loading in.

Back in the days of the infinite loading screen woes, I decided to try a PVE server.

It seemed to not have as much of a delay on initial loading of assets and such.

It then occurred to me that when I logged into the PVE server, I didn’t experience the day/night catch up that I did when I logged into a PVE-C server.

Could this setting be contributing to some of the issues folks are experiencing on the PVE-C side of things?

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I have no idea on that but when my wife and I play on official pve-c server’s building pieces won’t go where they should along with placables and invisible doors we give up. To many server’s that do work. @Rollotomozi .

Plus alot of blue screening. :blue_heart:

I’d doubt the setting has any impact. Server handles the clock for day and night. The client interprets that. If the setting for catch up is on, then the client ignores the clock for a day cycle and then begins acting normally.

This won’t have any impact on network related stuff. Not unless its checking the time multiple times per millisecond, which I doubt it is (probably does so on a server tick or even less often).

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To be honest I believe it does has an impact in the loading times upon arrival , for me assests takes ages to load in sometimes, and then when the catch up cycle , does catch up , well everything loads in in a couple of seconds , the playerlist becomes visible ( instead of showing the default " clan of the archanids" )

Also with the new teleports you can see the difference between when you load in upon arrival , and when you load in your base but from teleporting in it ( both should be relatively the same speed if no one disconected from the server since you arrived and that you don’t have any clanmates online so that your base isn’t rendered already ) and I can cleary see a difference between loading in upon arrival wich can take up to a max of 2 minutes before all the assests are loaded in , and teleporting in where it only takes a few seconds

and I understand that the way you describe the catch up is how it’s supposed to work , so it may not be working as intended / bugged at the moment . Since what happens at the moment is the day is bright , and then suddenly the catch up takes in and it’s suddenly nightime .

How often are you making new characters?

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I haven’t , I’m still on the toon I created upon arrival ( on exiled lands since I created another one on siptah when it was on Early Access )

That’s the only time catch up time is used. If you haven’t made a new character then you aren’t experiencing it.

Its so new characters aren’t stuck in the dark if they start playing at the server’s night time. Or always starts in the dark if the server owner is feeling a tad mischievous.

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In my experience on the few Official PVE-C servers I have played on, the day/night catch up occurred frequently when I logged in, not only the first time with a new character.

I have also encountered the Player list displaying all characters with xxx for name, level 50, and Amazing Spider Guild mentioned by @Kanza1, during this delayed load in time.

Once it becomes “normal” time, the assets start to pop in, and the Playerlist displays normally.

To clarify my experience are on the PlayStation.

Do you think it’s possible that it triggers even for non newly created characters ( as a bug ) and then realize it shouldn’t be triggered and therefore abrutly catching up , creating what we are experiencing at the moment which is bad loading times upon arrival ?

And I don’t mean long loading screen , but after entering the server loading of assests , playerlist , and weather condition ( always day when you log in , then it suddenly catches up to the actual time/lighting in day/night cycle )

since both @Rollotomozi on Playstation and I on pc , but both on official pve-c servers and it started not soo long ago ( like in socery update it was much quicker to load in than before , but it got quite bad in a patch that folowed ) maybe it’s a pve-c only bug ( unless someone from other game modes speaks out here ) ?

I don’t actually.

There is a means of the time of day switching when you login that has nothing to do with catch up (as in it happens with it disabled). You can see this when running Hosav’s UI when you go to certain areas (like the Jhebbal Sag Grove). The time in the UI will go to a specific time and not move.

As I said, the time your client receives is just a number, between 1 and 2400, then your client renders the proper time of day.

The lag you are experiencing is likely not due to how your systems are changing the lighting. Unless the changing shadows is something they can’t handle, in which case, you’d have the lag all the time as the time of day changes normally and the shadows move with it. If this is the case, you can disable shadows and be fine. Outside of that, even 20 year old AGP cards can handle a color change.


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