PVE flying thralls

I started playing pve yesterday and from noob river to set city there are bunch of flying thralls
How to remove them i want to build my base,

I hope funcome should include thalls in demolish when you demolish a base all thralls will also be deleted or make a function where you can capture abandoned thralls of option where you can kill them if the owner have not been on for 14days or less

If that’s the case then it seems like something that needs further adjustment to me, whether it was deliberate trolling or not.

Imagine for example that the previous owner builds his first base at the noob river, captures a handful or two of thralls, then eventually moves north. He leaves the thralls behind because they are not that great and basically only there to help with the first purge or something. He doesn’t come back to the noob river base because he simply no longer has any business there. The base decays, but the thralls stick around because he’s still actively logging in each day. And there you have it. Completely unintentional, but creates the same problem as someone deliberately trolling.

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