PvE - General Tips - Review and Add

List of techniques/tip to make the game more enjoyable:

  1. Move two thralls at a time
    a) Select a thrall to follow you
    b) Select a thrall to move and guard
    c) Travel to new location, setting move and guard thrall down every once in a while to prevent snap-back if the distance is great
    d) If you misjudge and your “Move and Guard” thrall disappears, retrace your steps, it will appear at the last location you placed it

  2. Outbuildings Decay
    a) Run a line of sandstone foundations to where you want your outbuilding
    b) Build
    c) Remove line of sandstone foundations
    d) Outbuildings now considered part of main base

  3. Storage chest placement - Wedge
    a) Place a wedge piece against the wall/foundation prior to placing your station

    1. Two chests fit on wedge piece
    2. Place station under wedge piece
    3. Accessible storage with less clutter
  4. Storage chest placement - Shelf
    b) Place a shelf on a wall

    1. Two chests will fit on a shelf
    2. Screenshots below, Jim1 illustrating
  5. Disassembly Station
    a) Black Hand earrings disassemble into 1 gold bar
    b) Black Hand / Dafari Warpaint disassemble into a Paint Brush and Papyrus

  6. Forges
    a) Build a second forge
    b) Use it to turn stray/unneeded stone into brick constantly

  7. Cook fires
    a) Place a cook fire near your Wheel of Pain
    b) Place container near the cook fire
    c) Store grass, seed, fuel for making gruel on-demand

  8. Grinders
    a) Place a grinder near your compost heaps
    b) Place a grinder near your cook fire/stove

  9. Bones
    a) Use your pick to harvest bodies, this gives you a supply of bones, early game, for arrows

  10. Artisan Stations
    a) Early game invest 160 wood to build all 4. This gives you massive storage, cheap

  11. Stations
    a) Some Improved stations will not make/repair items from Unimproved stations, build 2 unimproved so you are not pressed for space when ready to use the Improved station

  12. Bases
    a) Plan your base for all the stations you need so you will not have to tear apart later, this will slow down building now but save removing walls and re-configuring later
    b) If you need a placeholder station, build an Artisan station, it’s 40 wood and can be used for storage until you want to replace it
    c) If you decide to build additional bases mid or late game, pattern it using Sandstone, then upgrade with your chosen material to save resources and experiment without worry

  13. Religion
    a) Choose a religion that will aid you immediately
    b) Mitra gives you cheap healing
    c) Set gives you cheap poison arrows which can take down 1 skull bosses with 20ish shots
    d) Ymir gives you 11 point ice arrows cheap
    e) Yog gives you cheap healing in the form of human meat
    f) Derketo gives you Stamina boost but requires 10 insects for each iteration
    g) Crom gives you squat

  14. Wandering 1 skull Human bosses - Early Game
    a) Tough to knock out with a truncheon, bring extra leather to repair during fight
    b) Killing will give you Flawless Light and Medium armor, better than you can make, early game

  15. Bearers
    a) Bearer packs are decorative for the bearer, replace it with armor to increase survival for bearer
    b) Carry the bearer pack with you as a 10% boost to your encumbrance when needed
    c) T4 Bearer have 25 inventory slots, outfit in heavy armor with a pike or area weapon to take on solo outings

  16. Iron Tools
    a) Employ ASAP, the harvest rate increase will pay for itself

  17. Yellow Lotus Potions
    a) 10 yellow lotus flowers = 1 potion in Firebowl
    b) Use to reset Attributes and Feats once you get Steel tools, bypassing all Iron weapons

  18. Oil & Ichor & Fish/Shellfish Traps
    a) Cooking Unappetizing Fish and Shrimp give you Ichor
    b) Unappetizing Fish give you 1 to 1 Oil in fluid press
    c) Regular fish give you 5 to 1 for oil
    d) Exotic fish give you 10 to 1 for oil
    e) Grubs in Shellfish Trap gives you Lobsters
    f) Grub in Fish Traps gives you Exotic Fish
    g) Insects in Shellfish Traps give you Shrimp
    h) Insects in fish traps gives you Unappetizing Fish

  19. Early Shields
    a) Skip the Wooden Targe, wait for Iron Targe, this lets you make shields out of Chitin

  20. Animal Pen
    a) Keep a deer or two in your animal pen, feeding it surplus plant fiber gives you Dung, Dung and Plant fiber gives you compost
    b) Keep ostriches in a pen and feed grubs from a compost heap to get dung and feathers
    c) Use your animal pen to extend the life of your food supply by a factor of 20 until you get preservation boxes

  21. Compost Heaps
    a) Keep at least 1 compost in the heap to spawn Fat Grubs
    b) Use Fat Grubs to feed an Ostrich
    c) Penned Ostrich gives you Feathers and Dung

  22. Thrall Capture
    a) You can bludgeon an unconscious thrall to reset the unconscious timer, it will show as a blue line under their red health bar
    b) This is useful early game if you do not have open slots on your wheel
    c) This is useful all game if you knocked out multiple thralls and the round trip time to base and back would result in thralls regaining consciousnesses.

  23. Thrall Staging
    a) Always have a thrall in your Wheel of Pain
    b) Occasionally place a thrall in a chest or box for emergencies/replacements
    c) Unless you need the space, keep your old Wheel of Pain for extra thrall conversion
    d) When feasible, capture only T3+ thralls

  24. Thrall Placement
    a) Thralls cannot be placed too close together, get around this by:
    b) Place a thrall
    c) Select “Follow Me,” move away from where you want additional thralls placed
    d) Select “Stop Following”
    e) Move back to original area
    f) Place another thrall near the original spot
    g) Repeat until all thralls placed
    h) After a time, thralls no longer following you will return to original placement

  25. Upgrading bases
    a) If your base consists of multiple, now hidden, foundation blocks, you can upgrade the hidden blocks by facing the structure and placing an unseen block
    b) This may not get all unseen blocks, but it saves tearing a base apart and rebuilding it

  26. Building Placement Issue
    a) At times, you will get a fail message when placing a block in a valid building spot
    B) Keep a different building block on your belt, switch to it, switch back
    c) Place block

  27. Planters
    a) Build a planter near your compost/grinder setup
    b) Dump spare seeds of any sort to initiate passive resource gathering
    c) Items that expire will expire in your planters

  28. Collection of “souls”
    a) Always carry an implement to take the “soul” of defeated enemies
    b) “Souls” collected with Mitra, Set, and Yog implements have an expiration and must be used or will disappear
    c) “Souls” collected with Ymir and Derketo implements have no expiration and are useful for extended journeys

  29. Reserves
    a) Keep a container for critical items needed in an emergency
    b) Stone, wood, fiber, sticks, ingots, bricks, etc. A need will hit, be able to respond immediately

  30. Tool Repair
    a) As you move into hardened steel and star metal tools, NEVER repair them in the field
    b) It takes less resources to make an additional tool than to repair it in the field

Comments and ideas welcome.


Thanks for that list, Pugilist, item 3 rocks, but I have yet to try it. I’ve been using the shelves to stack up to 4 chests. I wonder if the two ideas combine, 2 chests^shelf^chest^wedge^2 chests. I wish we had a shelf that would hold 2 chests; is that possible?



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I will test out the shelf idea. My experience with them has been marginal thus far but that is lack of investigation, not an issue with the units. Thanks for the suggestion.

Pugilist this is an outstanding thread/post. It is acts of helping other players out such as this, which makes this such a good community. Thankyou for contributing it. And if I can think of any additions I will add them.

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Actually, we found that 1 shelf would hold two chests, so below is a screenshot of 2chests^1shelf^2chests^1shelf^2chests. I suppose you could go as far as you can reach, but 4 is my limit; even that makes my neck hurt. I did have to place a foundation down temporarily to place the upper chests since you have to look ‘down’ to place the chests.

The existing number 3 is better above equipment since this method requires you start with a chest.

That’s about as compact as I can make storage, and it just became my default next to doors.




You’re my hero for the chest trick looks better then what most of us do on on our server

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The Chest/Shelf tip is awesome.

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Nice as that may look, I’ve seen too many reports of people losing chests on shelves to random decay glitches to trust that storage method. :frowning:

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Example of Wedge Storage with Chests and Stations:


I’ve read those reports also and two things come to mind, since I have never lost one.
I should have stated that I use this arrangement in solo with decay turned off and a private server with the same setting.

I sincerely hope no one uses this and suffers a loss.



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Is stacking boxes a problem?


I can’t do that on the PC; there is no position that allows it. I have to assume that is a plus for the Xbox or PS4 that we don’t enjoy.

There may be mods out there that enable it, but I don’t use them, solo or online.

Looks good to me !



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Funny thing is: Dont stack them 1:1… It will not work (only FC knows why).

When I am at home, I can make a shot from the front… Every chest is a little bit to the right or left (you can see that the edges are not 100% in one line). I have given up, to make it look great… I just place it as soon as game allows me :slight_smile:

But could totally be a console thingy… Playing at offical PvE server @ PS4. So no mods.

I will try that, TY !



This is how it looks from the front: so it doesnt look that good. But from the side its ok :wink:

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When u get access to the normal wheel or even if u r confident even earlier, get more advanced thralls for access to better weapons… ( a cimmerrian fighter 1 with star metal weapons , will grand u access to these once he is tamed… cimmerian battleaxes or hardened steel shields at a way lower level… so yes… star metal weapons can cost a truncheon and some gruel…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Another important tip:NEVER EVER EVER log out with ur things (inventory and quickbar items ) on you. ALWAYS sleep naked with all stuff in a chest !!!


Learned that once the hard way…

But yeah, its a good tip, because (at least at reddit) you have such a post >1/week and sometimes people are even writing, that this wasnt the first time… But they still didnt learn from it smh


Never had loss of items on character happen on Official online PVE PS4. Also, yes I stack the bejeezus out of storage items and it IS possible to stack them evenly. Most of the time I just build locations that allow me to have two rows on the floor in the middle to access from stations on both sides. That gives me plenty of storage, but some bases need the space saving stacking. I have a couple spots I need to redo. Lots of good hints on here for people. One of my best pieces of advice is at lvl 30 got to the jungle biome and park near the river in between many of the Black Hand areas. You’ll get lots of shots at named thralls for easy to reach and run back spots. Stay along the main river. Go too far off that area and you’ll deal with nastier beasts.

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Huzzah, is that also non-PC ?