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HELLO this is Guardian.

So the new testclient patch, that nerfs tralls is all in good for PVP,
but not so much for PVE. So I make it simple, Allow PVE character to lvl up beyond the current lvl cap maybe even to lvl 100, This means we would not depend on our tralls for much.

If a Lvl increase for characters is not good, than simply 2x all players HP, this would make for longer battles for PVP, and make PVE once again not dependant so much on Tralls.

I know their are 2 side to this issue. Those FOR and AGAINST, but atm I am happy with how it is, and how its been for the past Year. If the Developers want to change it, ASK ME, and other like me if the solution u are offering, and the changes to our current gameplay is a FAIR exchange. Just Nerfing something with out an equal Balance somewhere else is not good game design.

Just to clarify this is a PVE perspective I get the PVP side,
Just my position. Prove me right or prove me wrong. Vote For or Vote against.


Honestly if you doubled the players healthpool fights would take forever and no one would ever die. I hate getting 1 shot by powerful thralls but those kinds of thralls are available to everyone and strong thralls make good base defense.

Nerfing thralls will make raiding too easy, i think, and make pve content more time consuming. Frankly i think the pve is trash anyway so i would rather have a good thrall to chop through high hp bosses.

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I am a dedicated pve player. I love the idea of nerfing thralls out of godlike status they are now… And i fully support that a boss fight should be exactly that … a BOSS fight… An epic legendary fight that needs lots of preparation, bedroll around, and not an easy 5 min battle . So i am up for nerfing thralls . Also a side effect would be that online players will team up more for a boss hunt. Something that is almost lost since thralls rule the game.


I think the first step has been done. Now your thrall though it is still a killing machine it is a tottal dummy device that need orders all the time. If you let your thrall without changing orders all the time, death to it, or to you is certain. I think the nerf, as you say, about thralls will not come. I think that buff will come to our heroes. The way things are right now with thralls is new, difficult, but challenging and beautiful. If you take your sight from your follower, trouble will find it :joy::joy::joy:. So yes, we are tottaly the bosses right now and our thrall is a mindless weapon or a mindless shield. All we need is to endure more and to damage more so we will be the tottal heroes of this game. Still this adjustment must not make pvp fights longer. But what was really pvp in ce since now? The pvp balance needs more than thrall adjustments and most of all needs players that know and respect the game. 80% of the pvp players i’ve meet whyning about pve (i hate pve, i don’t like pve, etc…). How do you even play a game that you hate or don’t like? OMG. How will you ever be someone in this game if you don’t know how to? Bombs, raids, backstabbing and obelisck camping is not pvp. It is a kids effort to play an adult game.

I do not think this nerf is a good thing in any way for PVE if you do not like thralls do not take them with you but to say that they are over powered when one Cultist purge can wipe a base and all its thralls. Weak little winy thralls are great if you are a level 60 with a huge clan and already well based up but less everyone forget not ever one has a clan nor does every one run to the UC to farm 100 of the same weapons to put on our thralls or go to the War makers dungeon to farm for those 4 scraps you get each time you farm him.

I have an idea, Funcom should make it like it used to be, find a Sword of Crom once that is it, never can you farm it again. For each Legendary weapons its a one time find for each player. No more 40 high level thralls standing on the wall with The Reach of the Red Mother or whatever you think best bow is. No more every thrall fully dressed in God Breaker armor or Silent Legion , only players should be able to wear boss armors or any you get by beating or reading tablets in boss dungeons.

Thralls should have to wear normal armor not god armor as they should only be allowed to use the swords the player can create for them. No more of that stuff and then see how thralls work. I mean lets be honest having 100 Red Mothers in a box to dole out to your archers is cheesy right, they should only be able to use the weapons you are able to create for them depending on your level???

Those of you who all talk about fair well this would be fair across the board for all players. You all want your thralls not to be gods, stop dressing them like gods, stop arming them like gods.

Those of you who wine about the thralls are over powered then you dress them in god breaker lol. There are many other way to make your thralls if you think them to strong weaker other then ruining many peoples fun in the game.

So this is my Idea for a work around and this forum loves work around, take off all those high end weapons and armors from your high end thralls and see how that works, I mean they are so over powered give them a nice steel weapon, if still to tough just give them some med tier gear, might just be the work around for all who think nerfing thralls is good.


Partially agree with ur weapon suggestion. I would go a step further though and propose not be able to have more than one that has even 1hp on it, but be obtainable again after u break it (so u will be able to reobtain what u loose due to server crashes , or any other reason -like not having the knowledge that a legendary is not repairable once it looses its hp completely), but yeah, that would be a nice choice for pve and would also increase the value of a legendary…
2 problems arise though… I am in a clan of 10, so how many weapons r we allowed to obtain (lets say a wight blade), 1 for each or 1 per clan? And the second problem is that assuming i play pvp and i kill another player that has the same legendary in his inv… Do i loot it or not?

From the sounds of it, I believe he’s implying 1 of each item on the server. Period. As in only one Sword of Crom exists. If you kill the player with it, it’s yours. Although that’s simply my interpretation.

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Not bad , but will be unfair for new players (and especially pve)

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Yes unfortunately but the idea is at least sound. I’ve never heard of multiple Ark of the Covenant lol. I think this is where the player run sites come in handy, although finding a good one with helpful players, admins AND staying power…yeah.

I did mean one per person so if you get it and give it your thrall well you go with out or have to use a different legendary. I think thralls should stay the same as they are but the game is balance with other things as right now every single thralls is running with the best of every thing, no wonder people on pvp think they are over powered.


They should balance pvp and pve/solo separately. If you want player to be a ‘‘hero’’ in solo/pve then you will need to rebalnace player and enemy health, damage and healing.


I don’t like the idea of the thrall nerf. I’m OK with ‘making the player the hero’ but you have to power up the player to handle the content. If you simply drop the thrall hp and strength, you make the boss fights longer. I don’t think that satisfies the expectation of the thrall nerf for at least PvE. Either let us make this change in the admin panel for PvE or make a change to the values to so that the player is stronger and the thrall is weaker.


Followers/Guards should be 2x the players since they don’t have the means to ‘think and move’ like players do (In my opinion). The key is that the AI has to work smoothly before any sort of HP balancing happens.

Right now watching combat of my follower they sometimes work great and other times they simply stop and take a beating. Have to get in there and set a new guarding location to get them to come to life…risky with some of the AOE type bosses.

After a lot of testing in my self hosted server I (Dad and I actually) came up with something that really works (feels right). I set up the same on my new hosted server and even after the latest patch…these settings really feel awesome!

I encourage peeps to try these settings out on a private server or single player. The game is a lot of fun!

For Bosses…I use COOP Boss HP by dakka
Basically any Boss that is over 10k HP is 55-70% reduction.

Then to Pair with this…cannot be just a HP reduction…was waaaaaay too easy to farm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Server Settings:
NPC Damage Multiplier (NPCDamageMultiplier) = 2.1 (Rewarding) to 4.1 (Brutal)
2.1 should be minimum since it really makes the game fun and more dangerous without being too dangerous. The Alphas/Corrupted animals are smiling at their next meal. :smiley:
4.1 is for really skilled players because it is really brutal when caught making mistakes. Followers get chewed up fast too. Can cause increased stress levels and head smashing to tables. :laughing: :joy:

NPC Health Multiplier (NPCHealthMultiplier) = 3.0 (3x Default)
What this does is raises ALL NPC HP by 3 times. Which raises the lower NPCs to make them more difficult and also raises everyone else.

Wait…did we not just add a mod to Reduce the Boss HP now raise it again 3x? Ummm…yeah! :joy: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: Has to do with the math! Every Boss is actually a REAL Boss Fight! Which is what we want! Sure some can be a bit heavy health pool but NOW they are much more dangerous and cannot be just a Follower vs Time and Sandwich Run! :wink: :sleeping: I have lost a number of T3 & T4 fully leveled fighters to these bosses and mini bosses not paying attention to heal up my follower. Happens a lot! Which makes going out and finding more recruits fun and necessary! :wink:

Dare I say…Immersive?! :smiley: :laughing: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

One suggestion to fix tralls in PVP from 1,2,3 shoting players was for developers to code trall if they hit a player it only deal 50% less dmg. this would make it a 4,5,6 shots to kill a player.
Also the idea to get players to get together to take down bosses in PVE and be less dependant on tralls is a great one.

To do this we need players to be tanks ,to deal more dps, and to be able to heal, this idea of rolling around isnt fun.

This does not work for Single player PVE at all.


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