For those who are afraid of Thrall Rebalancing

Go to Testlive servers and test it for yourself, is not that bad, and in my opinion is still a bit too low of a reduction.

Stop spreading fear and misinformation with your assumptions, the game won’t be much different.
Test the patch and give some feedback, then talk, nobody cares if you will stop playing, but we all care for more ideas to improve the game.

Thank you


I agree and disagree. It isnt so simple as you make it out to be.

For PvE content I agree. It looks like solo players will still be able to do dungeons without much difficulty. As the game stands now, doing boss fights is cake when using healing arrows and equiping flawless epic heavy armor on named thralls. Hell most of the time you dont even need to use healing arrows. With healing arrows, my thralls most of the time finishes a boss fight with near full health. So nerfing the hell out of thrall health means literally nothing in terms of surviving the fight. And nerfing thrall damage just means boss fights will take longer.

I disagree on PvP however. The thrall nerf will have a very large impact for base defense. With such a huge reduction to thrall hit points and damage, it will be much easier for raiders.

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I think for most people it’s an emotional thing. Funcom introduced thrall leveling and everyone had fun leveling their thralls to the best possible result. Now many player spent so much time to get a nearly perfect thrall, all of their hard work is cut by about half. That’s how it feels. What looks better? A snowhunter with 14k HP or a snowhunter with about 7k HP?
Sure, for the difficulty of the game it’s not that big of a deal. I play most time with pets and not with a snowhunter, because It’s fun to test things and beat a boss with a gazelle. But i also like my snowhunter with great stats. Just for Emotion.
And thats the point why this discussion is so toxic at the moment. It’s all about emotions.


Again, thats not the point. A Level 20 thrall should not perform worse, than legacy thralls.
So thralls which you NEVER needed to level.

If you still dont get it, then all hope is lost.

PS.: Only PC players have testlive


Legacy thralls are not even a matter of discussion, they are not here anymore, get over it.
The game evolved somewhere else, and if something, Balanced thralls perform the same than legacy thralls.


This is the best solution. :+1:

For me it is strange that the player and his follower have such differences in HP. I would love :heart_eyes: to see their value equalized.

I tried to finish the Sunken City on the Testlive with a follower and horse at the same time. They are not chasing so close to the player. When a follower has poor equipment, he has to be helped a lot :sweat_smile:, but it’s not a bad thing.

The horse died at the end. :dizzy_face:

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As soon as thralls learn to dodge, backflip and use a shield as well as a good player, it becomes feasible. As long as the thrall has the IQ of an empty beer can, they need raw numbers to compensate for that.


And it’s not that big deal to do. Smaller games with less money and smaller dev. groups could “teach” the AI to fight and use multiple tactics depending on the situation not just tank with their some hundred HP and ridiculously low armor.

yes, heath bars are back on!


Those of us that solor or PVE exclusively don’t need Testlive. Thralls are our best weapon, they are nerfed, therefore we are weaker. In isolation, this change is a step backwards from the stated goal of “making me be the hero” in regards to PVE. I never PVP myself, but I’m happy to agree they need to be rebalanced for PVP. I’m trusting the devs will continue balancing and make other changes. Ideally I should be my best weapon. not my thrall, and then it won’t even be the issue it is today.

I’ve tried it. Its tough!
Solo PvP is something that must take a lot of skill. :joy:


“Not that bad”

I could read that as, “and yeah, its worse.” I have no desire to hurry along my experience of the thrall nerf. I’m going to spend as much time with my thralls as possible until they catch nerfititis.


Then what would have been the point to level them?
Oh nothing.

And what was the point in leveling them now? Oh, right. Nothing.

Funcom just used the tactic many are using (mostly politicans). People tend to forget many things rather fast.
So 5-6 months after legacy thralls are gone, the leveled up thralls are worse than that.

If you write that, you get answers like “get over it, they are not in game - hurrr durr”.


No kidding misinformation.

In another thread, a “Level 60 with a level 20 thrall died in Asagarth”…

Wearing pre-60 heavy armor, wielding a steel shortsword, with no food and an iron targe for a shield.

Meanwhile he was rocking epic armor, star metal weapons…

That’s just deliberate skewing of the data.

  • Best epic heavy (STR or VIT armor) on thrall
  • Best weapon on thrall
  • Gruel on thrall

Are like, the bare minimum for a level 60 player to field a thrall properly.


Same could be said of Playing a Game where we build something that really does not matter…Why Build this House/Base/Cool Thing? Oh, right. Nothing/No reason except…it is Fun to Do.

Some people…I am one…likes grabbing a fresh new guard and taking them around adventuring. Kind of like I am training them. Some Get It and Some Don’t …they each are different now and we can change their names. What is NOT to like about that?

And this. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Funcom has shown in many games that AI is not their forte. Funcom is actually making the AI better in this game. A lot of work to do yet but Funcom is actually not leaving this behind. When the Test Live comes out to patch the game…I will be one of the first to figure out what MY NEW strategy will be. I’ll figure it out…and help others what WANT help.


Way too many people making mountains out of molehills.

Im actually disappointed not in Funcom, but the community who cant get their act together and just attack one another with someone who disagrees with them.

Or worse when presented with facts, dismiss them without testing things for themselves.

Anyways back to the game!


Woooooow… Someone finally can acknowledge that. Because for most people, thralls only got strong sinc leveling. Which is total BS.

But hey, before fixing that, lets destroy the game in several different aspects. Because why not :smiley:

Also testing changes? Pfff… We have the year 2020. Players should make tests and give feedback… Saves alot in QA.

Why did suddenly NPCs start to kill each other (again)?!

Thats true of all internet games in my experience.

That’s the kind of feedback we need

I completely agree with you, but i think they went nuts with the numbers and made them too strong.

Wrong, i play solo, always, i don’t have a clan or friends to play with, but i play on official servers, and all the testing i’ve made is regarding my own experience.

What’s the point of playing for you now?

Yes, as if they needed them, with their basic stat numbers from level 0 they can kill everything without help.

I believe you misunderstand, Legacy thralls were strong, too strong, there were many threads asking for a nerf back then, and they got a massive buff, rebalance basically means going back to legacy strenght, which is still OP.

If you don’t want to help that’s fine, it’s no obligation nor a requirement, your point of view will be biased though.

i don’t think so, but funcoms makes the same mistake everytime, they give power and liberty to the players and then when they want to take it off, because it was too much the players complain and spread the wrong idea.


Define legacy???
Because as of May 2017, thralls couldn’t follow. That happened Nov 2017. So legacy is what you believe is the best time for thralls. Nit-picky, yes. Point is, using the word legacy can be modified to any argument.