For those who are afraid of Thrall Rebalancing

Currently I have none, thats why I dont really play. Today I will login to refresh my decay timer…

Well Funcom had to “sell leveling thralls”… And thats why they got a buff. Otherwise people would have kept the legacy ones :slight_smile:

I am talking about patches, which have more bugs than new things. Like the current live one…

Currently live is stronger than legacy from 2019.

For sure.

Wait… you can use a gazelle pet in combat?

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Sure. You can if you want. Thats the problem I have with this discussion about thrall strength. The game has already all options we need. But players need mum and dad to tell them how to play the game.
If it’s to easy for you, just pick up a damn Gazelle, level it to 20 and go for fighting. What does players do instead? They complain, that their game is to easy with a snowhunter following them…


And if it is too hard, go play mine craft. See, both ways.

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No. If it’s to hard, go for snowhunter. Not for another game.


How about learning to play a little more than stand and wait for thrall to finish their job?
Also, understand a little more about game design and human psychology before pseudo-arguing with that, you’re not the first to bring it to the table and you won’t be the last, but that’s far from a solution.

Wait till I get home and my wife sees me catch a gazelle. I would prefer the one that flies just east of Sinners refuge. Now that is a day one bug…

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What is wrong with you people made fun of me enough have you, wow this forum is beyond words.

Most of you all did not get it at all, it was on test live it was a test to see just how over powered the thralls were as you all talk of them as not needing a player, can clear a dungeon while you all sit eat a sandwich, lazy much. Then call for a nerf. lol

It had food and it had normal armor a mid player would have when out roaming a server and coming on a new village. Oh should we check that out, sure why not, you all say thralls can kill anything naked.

Thralls are not gods, they die, have lost many in my real game not on a test live server in a patch where the hate lists were SAID to be fixed, nope not fixed and they had worked on some of the bugs that slipped by the last patch which are some still there.

He died as he was not a god, he died as he would have if he had been running beside a level 30 player, he had freaking food , shot was while I was refilling him as we had been in village for a good while, with mobs and if you all think its ok to try to make it seem like I was lying well that as just wrong but so done think what you all want.

You all know what test live is for right , to test , not to spawn in every thing and then go oh all works, its to really test every thing , the catching, the leveling, the fighting. if you not have time for that then you are not really testing you are spawning in and instant level. So you all not like my test and decided instead to make fun of my game play , not my real game, not my real play. If you all think you need the best of the best on your slave then wonderful not everyone plays that we own the world lmao, not one ounce of understanding for how others play , just making fun of and trying to make others bow to your way of play.

As I said on my post, there are a few great people on this site but rest of you all are bullies who think everyone should play your way, with your rules, with the bugs you all think are ok and anyone dare to say no to that gets treated as they know nothing. See no bugs reports from you. If your playing you know their there.

Its she by the way what about my name says man.

I really hope funcom fixes the things needed and finds a way to make it so both communities can enjoy the game they paid for but these forums no fix for them, so many just need to be right no matter who they have to walk or shout over. This community used to be better then that.

Now had my rant, stay safe and be well from a little town in Canada. So need a break!


Apologies, I shouldn’t have assumed your gender.

While I was being pretty facetious, a mid-level player who doesn’t know this game intimately should not be clearing out Asagarth. If a mid-level player on Live is able to take on a zone that is normally level 50+. then you’ve already justified the nerf (and yes, by level 25 I was killing every UNC boss on a PVP server, so I know how powerful they are).

As a level 60 player with access to Star Metal and Epic Heavy armor, you’d almost certainly put that on your thrall for these activities. You would minimally give it the best weapon possible. I’d rather use flawless light than take Epic Heavy for myself if I was using a thrall.

If you were a mid-level player, and didn’t know the game, you should be punished by the mobs in the north. If the wolves haven’t already pack-swarmed you and killed you multiple times by that point, then the thrall dying in New Asgarth just shows it’s more in balance with where it should be.

A skilled player, who knows how to farm this game and get the right thralls earlier than is usually possible, will simply do the same he’s always done. He’s just going to use healing arrows to make sure the thralls survive. But that thrall will have over 900 armor from Cimmerian Epic Heavy, he will have at least a legendary axe, and he will have ridiculous survivability.

Let me put this simply: If that’s the behavior in TestLive, then I’m glad for that. And your post stated it was.

But these are a lot of assumptions. Your post was baseline very disingenuous - you made it seem like you had geared up the thrall. In actual fact, as a level 60 player, you had severely gimped your “level 20 thrall”. You took him to an area that no mid-level player should be able to full clear, and gave him nearly the crappiest gear possible. My Silent Legion helm has more armor than that thralls entire set.

You can act surprised and hurt, but honestly, I’m surprised no one called you out on this before my post.

EDIT: Just to be clear, while I play on a PVP server (Or RP-PVP servers, where I can find decent ones), I am by no means a PVPer. I dabble, but I would get steamrolled by any real PVPer.


I just can’t see the problem. For me, the game ist to easy. And we talk about a sandbox game. It’s a Box with tools to have fun.
Do i complain that the game is to easy? No. Why should i Do this? I take one of my pets and be fine.
The thrall nerf will not affect me. Thats not the problem. The problem is the mind of the players and their toxic behaviour.

And when “learn to play and adapt” is the only argument PRO nerf, then the other side AGAINST can use this argument as well. Just adapt.
Are you forced to use cheat codes in an ego Shooter? No. But you can if you want. Would any Player ask for a removal of cheat codes? I dont think so. They just dont use them if they are no fun. Thats exact the same logic.

And now I take my OP Gazelle and go hunting the giant croc. Have a good night.


What if you solo and brand new to 60? I don’t have epic flawless on my brand new 60 on teatlive. I can’t take an
3 skulls with Tarman at level 11. I have tried on testlive. Bits alot more health management than current live.

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Well, you can’t, you have to keep gathering materials and improving your items, geting better thralls and better gear, then you might have a chance.

I alone used to farm epic keys before reaching lvl 60, it was that easy, i had some luck with a pet hyena, it had 8k hp and deal a huge amount of damage. That was way before leveling thralls was a thing…

I’ve been testing different combinations and thralls, vs different bosses and enemies in masses. The equipment makes the difference. for example, i had this t4 black hand fighter, Cruaidht the Crusher, epic armor a epic 2h sword vs some bosses of UC. he managed well, but so did the Exiled fighter I and the exiled dancer I with the same gear

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Just as a general point of note. I, as a soloplayer, recognize that my choice to play solo on a game designed primarily for multiplayer, can and sometimes does affect my ability to conquer challenges in the game. For example, there was a recent thread asking if solo players could get the “tower of the elephant” award. This is impossible to do in a singleplayer game, and I fully accept that. If a thrall nerf impedes my progress fighting bosses, I would also accept it. Because I have chosen to play solo on a game designed for cooperation. I think the proper term is “natural and logical consequences”.


True, but on singleplayer mode, I can adjust settings to any difficulty level. It just happens that I like to play at the default values, but the option is available to me to nerf or buff any thrall or mob at my leisure. So I don’t think it’s quite the same.

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setfollowerstat attributehealth insert number
setfollowerstat attributemight insert number

Thats a canard. To lump everyone who opposes thrall nerf into a group that lets their thrall do all the fighting is disingenuous . Many of us do most of the damage because our thralls are already ineffective.


That would work fine for an admin (assuming it works). Does nothing for the other server members.

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Yeah, it was specifically talking about single player. :slight_smile:
@Shadoza use the ` key and type, like you would for makemeadmin
It should autofill to “setfollowestat” and you need to type the rest. the thrall must be on follow.

Well if thats the solution, just turn on god mode and be done with it.

Hm, I thought there was a separate option in server settings for thralls, but I don’t see one after just checking. Only for player and NPC’s.

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