PVP Cheats/invasions: What to do in the aftermath

So here is where we are on the Officials I play on at the moment.

Chinese clan invasions happen about once every two weeks, good clean fights occur for a while. Conflict, wipes and angst all the good stuff. Then once the tide turns the cheats come out and it takes a good two days for Funcom to ban the player and/associated clan.

The current work around for cheating clans seem to be now that the cheater just runs about kills other players and isn’t in the clan but the clan they are associated with just come on in and scoop loot and kits later but I digress.

What do we do for those effected in the two or more so days it takes for the banning? I personally don’t mind as I am happy to fight in cloth and stone daggers if it comes to it but I am seeing constantly the woe from solos and mid tier clans when they are ripped to pieces by a cheater, lose their kit and thrall they worked very hard to get in on a cut throat server. To then go home and have bombs placed through the wall. For days they have to hope that the dark spectre of the cheater doesn’t come and bench wipe them for the time it takes to get a report action-ed and the ban list to take effect on the server in question.

Is there ANYTHING funcom can do about roll back for these specific players? Surely the logs will show what they lost and that it was at the hands of a cheat? Can we somehow get admins to return that equipment? I am just spit balling here but it hurt to see these newer players in PVP feel this way and just give up. Sure we usually throw them a kit and some stuff but it doesn’t really make up for it. Is that even possible?

This isn’t a thread about what to do about cheats and cheaters, that is a separate issue that Funcom must address and do better as they are failing at stopping cheats. This is about what we do for the victims OF cheats. I don’t think “that is what you get for playing on officials” is an adequate answer.


This is not a great solution, but I don’t think there is one so:

Rather than help victims afterwards, maybe as soon as cheating starts send messages to all the legit players on the server letting them know there’s hackers on the server? Then they can pack up their best stuff, hide it and their favourite thralls, and just log off for a week or so. If someone doesn’t, then that’s on them. I only play official so I understand, and “that’s what you get for playing official” is not helpful. But… it is kinda what you get for playing official. It’s a risk and in PVP nothing is permanent. New players are going to learn that some time. It’s up to them if they keep coming back after losing it all.

So yeah. Everyone go to ground until hackers are bored or feel like they’ve won and leave. It’s not cowardly. It’s just refusing to play with cheaters. It’s the only way I think. Ostracize them like unpopular kids on a playground lol. No game company can protect against hackers, they are a force of nature in every online game. It’s just in this game with it’s grind and full-loot PVP they’re especially painful. Sorry I don’t have anything better.


Well that would work if a lot of the cheats weren’t working in concert with specific Clans, I don’t want to say all Chinese direct connecting clans are doing this as this is a disgusting generalisation and entirely unfair but a great deal of them are and provably have.

So if everyone logs off for the week the entire server will be wiped. They aren’t there for social cohesion and shame isn’t a factor. If there aren’t people to gank that doesn’t matter and the clan they are working with gets to work with the off lines that bit easier.

That isn’t terrible in the great scheme of things, after all it is just stuff, time and effort but it isn’t a good look for Funcom and does nothing for the game.

I know, it’s not ideal.

But imagine you’re a hacker. You come to a server to troll people and it’s just empty buildings with open chests full of rocks and sticks, and no players (because they’re all bodyvaults in little crevices with their good loot). And you check again the next day, and teh next, and it’s still the same. Now you might use hacks to find everyone and kill them. I’ve heard of that, and there’s not much that can be done about it. But I doubt you’d manually search for people with a foundation out, not for long. People don’t buy hacks because they’re patient and can stomach doing things the hard way!

More likely, they just leave to another server after a few days, where there are people who will try and hopelessly fight them. Worst case scenario you lose everything quickly while you’re offline. Quite likely though you just come back when the hacker and their allies have got bored and you still have a lot of your stuff. I’ve thought about this a lot and have also done this, and seen others do it. It’s the same strategy when a huge locust clan comes and decides to scour everyone.

You’re right they aren’t playing to make friends, and they aren’t ashamed. But they do play to mess with people, and if there’s no-one to mess with what are they gonna do? Go somewhere else.

This isn’t necessarily a case of trolling though.

You have to consider the off shoot black market that exists in Conan. Acquisition of loot with little to no effort by means of hacks nets profits if there are people willing to pay the price for that loot. And there are such people.

Also have to think about the types of hacks they have. Your suggestion is not ideal like you say… but what if these hacks have the ability to see body vaults? A body vault hiding the efforts of someone trying to duck the hack onslaught will inevitably be wasted. You mentioned “Now you might use hacks to find everyone and kill them”… this is exactly it.

Another point as well: hacking clans like this don’t hide legitimately. They hide in sky bases or in the undermesh. They can’t transfer and just move to the next server they have an operation at after storing their gains.

There is a new feature on the menu in game for help on testlive.

The hope here is that we may be getting live help - nothing concrete and not necessarily it but still, light at the end of the tunnel for these issues.

Cheat is not the problem tbh, the problem is admins that doesnt care about their own game.

I would take one admin like 2-3 hours, to go through all official servers which have players. and ban all the clans an players.

Just log in at raid time and watch the fun.

Its amazing how useless admins is, and they only ban people for like building to big a base while 3-4 chinese clans laughing from their sky or undermesh base under the ground.

Mate calm down, why Chinese? Because that is the experience on the specific servers I play on.

I have no doubt that EU servers have the same issues from different groups. I SPECIALLY noted that I was positive it wasn’t ALL players from the region.

Slow your roll. I do not at all back the idea that any body from a specific area or culture play in a specific way. I refute it.

Also you have not read the post clearly as what do about cheaters is not the point here, all threads mentioning cheats and cheaters and what funcom is doing about them or not have been closed promptly in the past.

What I would like to discuss is what to do for players in PvP, specially mid tier clan and solo players who are the victims of cheaters/cheater assisted wipes.

Any light as long as it isn’t a train is welcome! :smiley:

Live help would be AMAZING and I think a lot of the zendesk backlog issues for officials could be resolved by trusted server moderators.

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Ok pfirelord or pfirelord crew.

Not surprised by this really unintelligent comment from a guy who have the name “Nightwatch”

You still have your flybase on 1080 or?

Stop talking about exploits and cheating, its the same thing in the end, and everyone with brain cells, know they shouldnt be a part of the game, so by abusing it, you deserve ban, just as much as a cheater with 3rd program.

OK you got me there, I honestly did not know that was a thing :rofl:

So you’re telling me there are people who buy a game, and then pay hackers to give them mats so they can win without having to play the game they paid money to play? That’s just mind-boggling sucker behaviour. Not even bad, just stupid. It’s like paying gansgters to fix the outcome of a sports game and then not betting on it :man_facepalming:t2:

That’s just incredibly lame to me. So lame I never thought of it. People get so upset about companies going P2W but clearly there’s a market for it. Idiots will pay real money to win a prizeless game, who knew? At least the black market hackers are getting paid.

Can confirm, I’ve seen this happen. Cheats from US with Chinese or Japanese character display names.

My bad, I think I derailed it into that. I didn’t respond to that bit because Funcom has always refused to replace lost in-game things and I doubt they’ll ever bend on that unfortunately.

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Yes it would be freakin’ amazing!

At this point though? Not much you can do but report the culprits. If you can supply video evidence to Zendesk with screenshots of Funcom IDs all the better.

I realize it doesn’t do much but Funcom has communicated that they do not refund gear and materials.

So ya… been there, done that.

But… being ok with losing in PVP engagements or raids is VASTLY different than not being able to mitigate an attack because of hacks.

Ya… it’s a thing.

I have a couple of thoughts about this. I’ve heard a common gripe about the game for long time players in the PVP realm that they don’t like to have to level. I wonder if for some it is the same thought process. They want to be on the same level as already established players in order to do what they want. Or retaliate. There’s quite a bit of historic animosity in the community. “Player A is such a scrub, I found out where him and his clan are, let’s go there and wipe them”.

Regardless of my thoughts the market exists and body vaults full with everything.


Maybe. Still, spending money to bypass levelling in a game just seems bonkers to me. I guess I don’t have that much money lol.

No doubt, I’ve seen my fair share of that :grin:

Win at all costs. It’s how p2w games make money. It’s not about fun but about winning. That is why I hate that mentality and try to stop it every Chance I get

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