Pvp/game ruined

I believe Lance that was shown on devstream is just the basic one.

This how it looks with Armor pen upgrade.

I’m charging thrall with 120 armor for roughly 400 damage. It’s not that bad.

This is 50 strength character on dev_horse that have locked 20 stats. But it’s possible to get horse with higher strength than 20, 40-50 is probably achievable. So theoretically with current Test build numbers One shot Lance is possible.

That moment has never existed. Bubbles came in before silent legion armor.

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Personally, i wanna see real gladiator pvp fight happen. I picture old time wars where everyone has a sword/axe and shield. But then again i hear pvp i picture arena fights in my head. Not the runnin across an enemy at brimstone lake and going at it there.

They need to make it to where what works for pve doesnt work that well for pvp. Rework the perks better. They have agility affecting rolls. Why doesnt agility give increased attack speed. Its always been a fairly useless stat and will continue to be so. They slowing all the attacks down but have no form of IAS. I just got an idea and am now heading to thw suggestion forum…

coff -claws- coff coff

Get ready to taste some Layered Silk then, because you’ll be keeping one just for the drive-bys. You know each of us is going to need a sports car. That’s just PvP nature.

Back in the (very) old days when we were OP and the thralls were gunny-sack-wearing sycophants, there would be few Harvest Build killings. Those usually resulted in swift retaliation anyway. When clans went to war, there was a declaration, there were skirmishes, swears in chat and some weeping. For the most part though, fairly open and honest battles, even if they were one-sided.


I was worried about that when they show it on the stream, this “realistic” feature is going to make archers life even harder.

I just wish they could add a bit of an angle past horse head in the right side, one can still shoot in a 45• so so angle in real life.

Not really, I am currently uploading a video showcasing Bow vs Melee in a 1v1 Situation. Fighting against a horse included.


Post it here when you are done please!


Nice, make sure to post in here for us to take a look.

He won 1v1 against me as melee vs melee right before this footage. So he is not a bad player.


Interesting, good testing, it only missed you Horse Archering, what were your build? You’re wearing Bear Shaman chest and Khitan pants it seems.

Love the music btw.

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Im just gonna do it simple for me and delete the game tomorrow :slight_smile:

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That’s the beauty of it. I’ve tested it as well and it’s very niche where that sort of combat is good. I.e high chaise raid pvp as opposed to general scrimmaging where standard builds run train. This update allows for alot of counter play on alot of fronts and it’s amazing the possibilitys coming forth. And this is from someone who initially hated the pvp changed at the dev stream

2nd bow what? Just have the explosive arrows in the hotbar and double click on the hottbar u placed them? Goes faster then changing to a new bow.

And yes they do damage, not that much. But they do cripple and if u combine it with gas it give some more dmg.

Two bows on the hotbar take up two slots. One bow plus two munitions takes up three hotbar slots. :slight_smile:


True, but I would still say it’s more effective to have the arrows on hotbar, faster and not as obvious when changing to explosive. :slight_smile:


You just made me so glad that none of the armor is made of layered fur anymore, man that would be nasty.

But seriously if my sports car cornered like those horses do I’d trade it for a Moped.

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They take damage from behind or sides from the explosion.

Also normal gas is always a thing without gas protection.

My build was 40 Vitality, 40 Accuracy, 40 Grit, 20 encumbrance and Rest into agility.

All skilled attributes buffed and a Grit warpaint used.

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The 40 GRIT perk helps a lot.
40 VIT is mandatory in any PvP build.

And it’s not about the damage. As you may or may not have noticed, I was using blunted arrows for a reason.

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