PVP Official servers timeframes are unfair, hence dead, 3.0 wont save it unless

With all the love for the game, PVP on officials is dead because of building pvp timeframe, please consider the following SOLUTION:
PVP Make building raids possible at all times just like PVP fights, this is fairer for everyone. And perhaps make PVE-C with the timeframe for those who don’t feel comfortable, because you are missing out on THIS PVP player base, for not doing so. Just make the settings from PVP the same on PVP Building on officials
Update 3 won’t be enough to make us play on those settings. We constantly feel left out, and forced to play on private servers, we want officials. If you share this feeling upvote this post, for more detailed information continue reading

Some articles express concern both in reddit, and in this forum, I would share links, but this edit page is not letting me publish them with links for some reason.

Not everyone is happy with the PVP servers, in one way or another, I however think I found the problem, which is most certainly the worst for me and my friends.

I and many other people I know and am friends with have different timeframes to enjoy the game, and we are in the game solely for PVP, hence we play on PVP servers, and we only like to play on official for good reasons. The PVP OFFICIAL servers have an unfair specific Building PVP timeframe for me and my friends, this is a game-breaking, and why I and my friends stopped playing the game.
We awake very soon and go to bed very early due to our lives, and so we can only raid (and play) from 5 to 15(ALL DAYS), which is not possible given OFFICIAL servers allow only raids between 18-23.

We don’t find this in other survival games, this stops us from enjoying the game, hence quitting it, and this feeling is mutual well outside my friends too, from ppl I have met in the game. Like me, they probably couldn’t find a proper channel to discuss this to be fair, I choose the closest one, this one, please if you are one of these persons, and think PVP should be fully PVP UP THIS POST!!!

We come back after a hard day or week of building only to see it destroyed because we couldn’t be there on RAID HOURS to ATTACK the enemies as well.

With all support in the world,

Friendly Costumer JonyStarck#63713

What killed it for me and most of the people I know is the restriction of the rules. Even with the neat update of sorcery. Does not hwlp to determine if the clan will be ban today or not. Great job on the new content but pvp went down hill since the restrictions from all the servers i see on officals playstation.



554 players across EU, USA and LATAM regions is not a lot of people my dude. Also they said on officials and of the top 10 servers, only 5 of them are official.And of all those players on the screen shot ~320 of them are on official servers… Thats not very many people.

It’s pretty good for a 5 year old game and is only showing PC players, not XBOX or Playstation.

Considering EA/DICE put out a new Battlefield game every 18-24 months and struggle to pull the same numbers.

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Even the worst battlefield game to date (2042) has way more population than conan exiles lol.

There are servers on all different time frames. Findca server with raid hours that fit your timeframe. Easy.

i think funcom is intentionally killing official servers because majority plays on private.
just think about it, having servers up cost money and cost even more to have to admin those.
thats why they are banning almost every single person who dares to have a base in conan exiles.

the past week i have seen 1587 being totally wiped by admins. (one of those who have been 40/40 during raid hours)
SIX clans got the hammer including of course the alphas.

Their offense? having a base. i do have some videos or screenshots to prove my point.
now, sure, MAYBE some of those bans were justified but seeing that is being repeated over and over again it cannot be a coincidence.
The rules right now are a little too extreme for PVP officials.

i hope they either add a fixed maximum building limit or they don’t apply the rules after almost every single report, i am starting to think that is a bot.
i am going to say as many times is necessary until funcom listens, please, let us have a base in PVP official.

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It’s, literally, a 1 second snapshot at approximate 2:00 PM ET, it is not a representation of the entire player base.

You know this, right?

I think you are wrong.

No it doesn’t.

Conan Exiles has over 7000 active players on steam in the last 30 days.

Battlefield 2042 has 5000.

that’s just steam.

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I see you have stooped to using verifiable facts and showing your sources.

You monster.


BF 2042 is also hailed as the worst BF ever…

BF V still have more players than CE.

And that’s all players. This thread is only about Official PVP servers.

5 hours every forsaken day while working, having a life and wanting to play other games is already a lot to ask if you want to be online during raid time so you cant get offline wiped. And you want raid time 24/7 as a general setting on all officials? Thats not gonna solve your problem because you cant be there 24/7 and someone will wipe you offline again. For one group of people who cant find a fitting region you want to change all officials? xD Are you out of your mind? That would actually kill pvp even more because there is such a little part of the community playing the WHOLE day. If anything most players like shorter raid times instead of longer one.

The best option here is that funcom should offer servers with different settings. I said that under a lot of other threads. They and their player-base would only profit from servers with various server settings.

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Current players at the time of writing this - 3,642

30 Day Average - 7,532.1

Conan Exiles

Current players at the time of writing this - 7,972

30 Day Average - 7,305.0

Lets keep moving the goal posts shall we? Battlefield V is currently the most populated Battlefield title and it released in 2018. Conan Exiles released in 2017. You’re not going to get exact data on PvP server popularity unless DICE and Funcom release them.

Battlemetrics filtered for “PvP” shows 2089 at the time of writing this. Which for a five year old game is pretty bloody good imo.

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If they want to kill the servers, they just have to stop paying the bill…


Personally, I gave up the game half a year ago because of the stupid rules in which there is no specifics. I was not banned, but I do not want to play under constant threat of being banned for what someone will seem that I built too much / too long / or somewhere in the wrong place. I was hoping to see 3.0 introduce some kind of clear limits for building and weaken the gods for balance, but apparently this won’t happen.

And you can also add to that:

  1. Pretty boring to restore the base on the PvP server after a raid, I would like to get a button "fix everything for X resources
  2. A lot of cheaters. They walk / fly through walls, use invisibility and speedhacks. Walking through walls blow up the altar with the dome. Then use gods with speedhacks. Create a separate clan not to ban the main clan, while raiding with the help of cheats. Reports are hanging for 2 weeks, and the ban for cheating receive only specific cheaters, not the entire clan. It turns out that cheating in the game more profitable than building.
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I think you’re not getting a lot of support because of how you’re saying things, your choice of words (like “dead” which isn’t actually true etc.), and the fact that this has been discussed to death in the past.

With that out of the way I remember about 6 or 8 months ago being in a thread with 500+ posts in it where the consensus among PVPers (where PVP was their main or exclusive play-mode) and the general consensus was essentially the same as you’re suggesting Jony. It seemed most people wanted a mode where only on-line raiding was possible - but possible 24/7. Many people discussed how to implement it and how hard it might be to implement - but the majority seemed to want that.

Well but there is a difference between 24/7 raid time but only online raiding possible and between 24/7 raid time. I understood his post like he is only suggesting to get 24/7 raid time and I believe sooo many people would hate that.

Your suggestion on the other hand was already planned by funcom like two years ago. They wanted to implement that but the way they had planned could have been abused too much which they realized after the player base told them. Since then the feature is on ice. But finding a way to make that possible would be what the majority wants, yes.

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I do not see that many players. Must be on PC?

Console usually shows 8 people each server.