The result of not wiping officials PVP servers, and no upkeep cost for buildings, pics inside

These ones have covered entire D9 square … server has difficult to display all buildings. They have 2 others big bases in the desert + may be others but i stop there.

And on every official PVP server it is the same, some players made the server “their own server”!. And servers are dead because no one want to play there.

We need a 3 months wipe or less + an upkeep cost every day.

Sorry, but saying the server has difficulty loading the area while showing the server ping at 40 and server fps at 30, its not that bad.

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Ping at 40 and server fps at 30 when all buildings are loaded and with only 4 players on the server …

Now if we start to play at 20 players and start all to build a normal base, it will lag.

Officials servers are a public place, a player or a clan can not build so big.

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You should’ve made a video, because some people might have never experienced this :slight_smile:

Remember, most of the people here on these forums are players playing in single player.

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If you want a wiping server why don’t you play on a private with settings you like? There are even ones with restrictions for building pieces.

I’m pretty sure every official will die out if you change their concept after 2 or 3? Years. While I agree that building and claiming everything is kinda selfish I still think wiping on officials would cause their death.

And if players got the materials to build so much stuff they won’t care about up keeping costs.


Looks fun plenty of stuff to blow up and keep you busy. Servers lag no matter how much is built on them. Heck when this game came out some servers it was like every 15 minutes your character would freeze. So you would have to stop moving if around a cliff and if you happened to be fighting you better run circles and pray you survive. #BUILDSMALLANDGOTOTOWN.

upkeep is stupid, there is already mechanics in place to level such structures, except purges are broken and in need of overhaul

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Agree 100% with @therryy - go to a private serer with active admins.
The mass da-builders don’t survive long on them and usually just provide tons of fun for the rest of the server players watching their Admins clearing the spam away. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I disagree, an upkeep would get rid of most refreshers and gigantic builds + it could perhaps serve as a substitute for the current decay system giving players with high tier building a chance to be away from the game for more than a week if needed(vacation, sickness etc.)… Especially on official pve servers where the problem with huge bases and blocking often is severe.


Decay is almost useless, since you simply need to be logged on for 0.0001 seconds to refresh everything


Yes decay is useless and it can be refresh without login on … if you are away fews weeks, just ask another player or a friend to place an explosive jar on your base and get it back, it will refresh the timer. (usefull to keep open maprooms up of leaving players too).

So we need some sort of upkeep system + a limit on foundations and building pieces.


that exactly why i have stop playing this game, every time i went on a official server it is claim “everywhere”, only the loser spot remain empty etc etc…

“apocalypse every 3 months” may be a good thing for new servers, where players are ready for this condition, but forcing it on every server will rob others of their game - I do not have enough time or wish to play it every day.

Wiping official servers would kill this game pretty quickly. I dont think this is as big of a problem as you are making it out to be. There are plenty of official servers without big builds that have just as small of a player base.

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I disagree with wipe… but I could get on board with a maintenance cost tied to size of building. It would force players who are just ‘place holding’ to actually have to work for it. If they want to play and work to keep their landclaim, knock yourself out. Officials are the wild west (which is fine) and having a maintenance cost seems to be one of the only solutions to the problems with the decay timer.

…on that note, how about they get rid of decay timers resetting when a base gets bombed?

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Just place a bomb on some spam of foundations somewhere to restart it timers. Works greatly if you have a few accounts on server and want to block some resources etc.

I wonder, why would anyone do not wish to abandon his game and start it over without any guaranties to not meet yet another theme park builder.

Upkeep cost is very good idea to be honest.
i don’t know if i agree with wipe, but i don’t agree with block spam.
It drops the server fps and lags everything.
A construction limit could be interesting on the one hand, but it would hinder creativity and even some strategies in pvp.
There are servers with several quadrants full of landclaim.
I invaded a server where the alpha clan had 10 quadrants full of blocks and vault all together.
When any of them log or return to their base and the server had more than 15 players, the ping went to 1020 for about 20~60min.

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