PvP playerbase is dead

Yes, I would since there is really or literally no one playing PvE. So how is it a PvE game? 22 out of 55,000 players on average playing PvE game play.

If it was 20% PvE Players, would be a different story, but less than 0.05% on average of the player base, shows the game (Rust) is a PvP game.


Maybe @Sir.Henry.Vale should have phrased the original premise slightly differently, to make it easier to understand. Conan Exiles devs cater to both PVP and PVE players (or at least they try to). Rust isn’t like that.


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this is exactly the question I was thinking about, has the covid amplified the coop action?

So since such a small amountvare playing ovp, how is Conan a pvp game? Which, to me over the lifespan, it has gotten less about pvp and more about pve. Meaning usbpvpers are basically in denial and hope one daybtheybsee the pvp potential it does have.

Why would anyone want to play Rust when they can play Conan Exiles?


Conan Exiles, like ESO for example, is a game that was designed for both PvE and PvP play, but both are tailored more for the PvE side of the game. Even Age of Conan with 3 pvp zones, number of pvp battle ground matches, was tailored more for PvE. Nothing wrong with that, but it had features for player play style types. (Note, approximately 50% of my time in Age of Conan was pvping - mainly battle grounds but did a ton of siege warfare - at least 30 - considering it only happened at most once a week)

EQ1 was built for example for PvE only. Granted they added PvP servers, but that game was exclusively made for PvE game play. PvP was an afterthought there. Same with SWToR, PvP (love their battle matches) was not the game focus or selling point. (Majority of my time was PvP in SWToR… have yet to finish the main character storyline, although did all the raid zones & flash points, which were fun until the time I quit)

Conan Exiles was built with aspects for PvP, siege warfare, mounted combat, etc. in its main game play. Its one of its major selling points. But its not exclusively a PvP game. Its both, PvP and PvE.

But my point is that pvp wise very little new mechanics compared to the wealth of pve additions. If you dont invest in something it cannot grow. Day1 pvp (raid) bombs gods trebs…current bombs gods trebs and arrows (aerial bombs). Even new weapon tyoes for melee are more aesthetic and the DOt dMage system is geated heavily for quick 0ve foghts vs stattegic melee back and forths. All i am say8ng is to discoun others survival tyoe games with pve and pvp aspects because the number skews to pvp is ignoring facts to create a point.

I am curious what would you like added to PvP?

This excludes combat fixes, changes to mounted combat, other modifications of things in the game already.

This thread reveals that people like charts. Which gives reason to increase access to the data the charts use. Someone must then write an in-game view of the charts. It could start on the web as we see here.


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Dbd and 24/7 raid times. Means i can be raided whileni am farming, but at least i can fight to defend. Less imbalance is losing everything and starting over. Maybe area control farm spots. Villages you can build doors on to “claim” the passive farming. This way i have a reason to blow them and getbthe passive hourly loot spawns in them. Those type of deals. Right now pvp is 100% wipenor be wiped and have and have nots. No “middle ground”


Pretty much this.

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Defensive catapults that aggro on trebs, moats, some boiling tar pots that are a bit more useful. Breakaway trap tiles, hidden doors, I can go on and on what I would love to see in pvp and it’s mostly building stuff to help defend against offlining.

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Dude, are you wanting to metric the metrics?

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Yeah polls like these are almost always meaningless to any broad notion or implication. They show only what the current (+/- one week) audience on the specific polling platform is inclined to. And “inclined” here is a very relativistic term as all the other group and confirmation biases apply to a large degree.

Polls like these are almost never good for showing anything other than the mood of folks on that specific social platform who might at that specific time, be interested in the poll question - where wording and timing are critical to the result.

They deserve not much more than a nod from readers and shouldn’t be used as proof of anything - not even worthy of suggesting a trend.


Wait, what? If you have 24/7 raid times, then DBD doesn’t matter, right? DBD is only considered outside the raid hours in server settings, isn’t it?


there is a universal setting for building damge on and there is a setting for building damage by time. you can have building damge on, but no raid windows. The dbd is the window while you are on.

Also, i realize by removing 19 hours of no raid, many will complain that they cant enjoy pve. I also believe thise are the enormous builders who build based on my #2 reason for large builds, to avoid pvp. Thatbis a risk i can live with, because in theory, they are not really on pvp servers to pvp, but to offoine raid and turtle up inside the massive bases. If that means less players, so be it. Be surprised how many “pvpers” avoid it yet claim they play pvp.

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Okay, now I understand. I thought you meant that 24/7 was the raid window.

I’m curious, what do you think about what Ceronesthes said about DBD in his video? His arguments sounded pretty convincing, but I don’t play on PVP servers, so I don’t know if he missed something or got something wrong about the unwanted effects of DBD.

EDIT: Included the link to the video.

Which video are you referring to? Link?

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“Everything Wrong with Conan Exiles (And How to Fix It)”. The 2-hour long video that has been very popular here on the forums.

I edited my post to include it.

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