PvP servers where to now

So duping for now seems to be fixed until a patch breaks it again, but what can/is funcom doing about the players that duped so much materials & items over the period where duping was common, some players just have vaults full of duped resources/ dragon powder/ building pieces etc, you would think the easiest way would be to check who was logged in at server reset then check their date logs to see if they have duped anything, but maybe funcom dont have the resources or the care factor to do that.

My server was once thriving but now is just a ghost town, stam exploiting/meshing & duping ruined that server & probably many more.

My suggestion is to have all materials with decay timers. And only food and beverages can go in preserver boxes. This would over time decay out excess materials for those that aren’t actually using it, and dupers would lose a lot of the stuff or at least blow off the cob webs and try and use it up before they lose all that “hard” work. The decay timers would be be 1 week to 1 month, depending on “tier”, ie explosive 1 week, stone 1 month. Everything else just falls between. Armor and weapons would stay as is, durability is how they are “Decayed”.

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Yea thats a good idea, but probably just more data for the server to keep up with.

Why I feel survival games like these need some manner of MMO architecture under the hood. Anyone remember the terms inventory/loot server?

Items were handled separate from the game logic. They actually had their own dedicated server.

Ideally you want the game logic thread to run as lean as possible to offer players a smooth, responsive experience. Let another thread take care of the timers, inventory counts, etc.

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I think some servers that resets every 3 months or whatever would be great, also to draw in new players. For a lot of people it’s not really that fun to go against giants that already have everything. If you at the same time hear all these stories of duping, I guess a lot of people who could be interested don’t care to try it anyway. A chance to start on a fresh server would probably change this.


This has been tried & failed had no interest in them so they closed them they were for 1 month, I think nearly everything should have a decay timer, steel rein etc could rust out materials degrade etc, armor & weapons already have dur, everything except thralls, even Dragon powder should have a timer even if its 500 hours.
The only other thing is Gportal server structure is so damn trash, always something wrong with it.

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1 month is way too short, it will take most people at least half that time to set up… especially new players

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