(PVP) The BUGS & The M.E.T.A

So… someone thought that having a horse & follower at the same time was a good idea. Plz fix this for pvp because it’s not. Pve & role players can keep the change. Horses are already cheap & very powerful as it is. Instead of focusing on new content, I’m sure a lot of players would like to see rebalanced weapons, thralls & the bugs fixed. No one wants to keep buying dlc when they cant even enjoy the game. Horses are the M.E.T.A right now & the new 4th archer perk does jack dip for players on horse back as far as I tested. For those who don’t know what a M.E.T.A is, it’s this:
Whenever there’s a meta, it shows signs of Poor game balancing. Conan exiles had many metas. With every patch, the game gets more & more broken. Plz prioritize balance & bug fixing over new content. Thank you.

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