Mounted Combat completely Busted. Lancer vs Horse Archer What is the problem?

I joined Conan Exiles day 1. I love the idea and I love the how the quality of the game has improved. I love the Funcom Musical assets which make the game so relaxing to play.

I generally don’t complain and avoid forums.

Obviously the game still has a very long way to go.

Conan Exiles takes place in a fantasy universe that is incredibly closely mirrors reality. Robert E Howard was a historian so in love with the fantasy that he shot himself rather than continue to live in the modern world. (the best theory as to his suicide)

In reality we have a few examples to draw from when trying to represent cavalry combat in a video game. We have as the best resource the historical clashes between Mongolian horse archers and Eastern Roman lancer cavalry from Constantin.

The story goes like this. The Mongolians had the speed not the armor so they could hit and run, if they even tried to fight the lancers in melee they would be annihilated. The lancers could drive away the archers but not catch them and would be in danger of being led into a trap. One of the Mongols best strategies was a false retreat which led into an ambush.

When we over load our character in game there are weight restrictions and consequences. It’s a no brainer right?

So why is it that when we ADD weight to our horses we GAIN speed in cavalry combat? Are we sure we had our coffee, this is a no brainer, why is the cavalry combat still broken? Why do heavily armed and armoured lancers actually move faster than a lightly armed and armoured horse archer?

The fastest mounted character should be a naked on a scout saddle riding a horse with the highest stat influencing speed.

Can we please fix it? I find it baffling that anyone could have thought that the current situation is even close to ok. How many of your customers are riding with empty inventories wearing light armour and being destroyed by heavily equipped players with lances? Fix it this is not ok you have a brand name to uphold and an author to give credit to. You owe him your livelihoods so do a historian justice and fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Edited for spelling.

Howard’s suicide is theorized to have been caused by poor mental health. And has been attributed to several different mental illnesses. But that’s all theoretical. I’ve never heard of a “not wanting to live on In the modern age” theory come up

Because it is not a true cavalry. It is at best 4 orb5 horseback riders vs foot soldiers. when people talk of these historical battles, they forget the difference in scale. 200s of horseback v 5 horse back is a completely different strategy… lose 40% in either scenario you would have way more options with 60 vs 3. And historical wars were more attrition based. meaning you would lose pawns to gain the advantage. Just throwing that grenade put there.

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