[PVP] Was body vaulting intended for long safe storage of items?

I have no issue with it as I can still find it as can others as it is visible and lootable. The hunt and search is on. Game on !


I would argue they are formalizing body vaulting via the character transfer. As long as you stay at 99% or lower you can keep the stuff. I thought I read in one of these threads that body vaulting has ended up death and back at noob spawn so FC may have already implimented something (like hunger and thirst are still active…muhahahaha). I don’t body vault anymore because I like the idea that the stuff is at risk and it’s not too hard to find 10 minutes a week to reset the timers. Especially in remote play.

I agree. But there are some people who lurk around here that have serious problems with refreshers lol

Refreshed buildings and items can still be looted and/or destroyed. Balance can be maintained, imo.


I haven’t a clue what you mean. :rofl:

Yeah, maybe that’s the reason why character transfer is implemented in a way that nobody asked for and most people dislike.

But only Funcom can decide if body-vaulting via character transfer is an exploit or not. So it’s still a good point to bring to their attention.

I do, but they’re not exploiting anything. I’ve suggested a completely new gameplay mechanic to be added to Conan Exiles because I believe their behavior is a problem on PVE(-C) servers. That has no bearing on whether an exploit like body-vaulting should be allowed to exist in this game, right?

Load your body up with stuff you want to save. Upload your character.

Dont download it. Its safe. Only download when you want to offload items.

Thats what I mean.

Oh so just storage unit…yeah but the 7 day wating period makes it not as handy as you would think…secure absolutely but there is a delay in that.


And can be countered with a timer of how long it can remain in upload before it dies in transit or other things happen to it.

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That’s a tough question. If one of these Sleepers ticked my Captain off enough I suspect we’d hunt them down and pinch their booty. Doing this, you’re a soft-shell crab lootbox just hanging off a mountain. I would call it a fallback position, and not really an advantage.

I don’t think it gives users an advantage exactly, especially given that we can all use this strategy freely. Functionally in PVP body vaulting serves as a sort of insurance, which is IMO encouraged by offline meta and the need to totally wipe when a group does raid ( largely caused by said meta).

The reason I think this is an issue of greater concern is that now, with server transfer, body vaulting further removes the meta’s relationship with “actual” PVP. Meaning players can, and should, have body vault insurance on dead servers - pulling resources from the vaults and moving them to active servers for use.

PVP is becoming, at least in theory, a more and more complex game of optimization of the systems with obvious holes to abuse. Maybe there’s not enough of the “power players” left to reek havoc with these systems, time will tell. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a position that official PVP is a core concern for FC - again IMO.

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Yeah I think that’s optimistic. I think you’ll see inter server clans stake out the dead servers for a home base. Then transfer out as raiding parties to wipe a server clean and hoard the loot. When tired they funnel the loot back to their home base server. The only hope for those of us that solo or are small is that this will drive these competition in these large clans and the battle stops happening in the typical zones of play as these guys will raid and bash on each other.

So except for merely personal or clan glory should you even fight player vs player on pvp servers ? It used to be for control for servers and loot which could work hand in hand. Now you can again just sock away stuff on other servers to be delivered like a pizza , though, only 7 days . The 7 day rule can be quickly made meaningless with having 7 or more body vaults so one is always at the ready for your needs .

Server control no longer is important really wtih bving along with server transferring . I made another thread: [Suggestion][Officials Usable][PC, All Consoles][PvP (PvE?)] Transfer Portal Fatigue ,about possible costs being added to server transferred characters in the form of debuffs and/or other weakenings, but few had a comment on the subject. We don’t need sorcery in one form as we just use bodys as item store that don’t decay (necromancy at its finest folks).

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I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously. You’re trying to argue nuance and aggregates and averages and what-ifs, when the logic is supposed to be dirt-simple: an exploit is an exploit, right?

You can’t hunt down the Sleeper. You might be able to hunt down Sleeper’s mates, but the crux of the issue with body vaulting is that the Sleeper isn’t in the world. You can’t access the Sleeper’s inventory, you can’t kill the Sleeper, the Sleeper is safe and sound and beyond your reach. The Sleeper is the vault you can’t raid.

Before the mesh protection was implemented, everyone could undermesh freely. Before the fence foundation stacking was removed, everyone could stack fence foundations. “Everyone can do it” is not a counterargument to “this is an exploit”.

The very definition of an exploit, according to Funcom, is that you use something in an unintended way and it gives you an advantage over those who don’t.

True, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a game mechanic that wasn’t intended to be used as an unraidable vault. Having unraidable vault on a PVP server is an unfair advantage.

That’s a question of intentions. As people who argued for removal of fence foundation stacking already established, motives and intentions don’t matter, context doesn’t matter, because “an exploit is an exploit”. If it can be abused, it shouldn’t be in the game. Right, @Nemisis?

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I think maybe where I see this differently is that there is nothing stopping people from not doing it (like a rule against it). Has FC said body vaulting is an exploit as opposed to emergent gameplay? They don’t police it or have it in the TOS that I am aware of.

Without that context, I don’t know if it can fairly be dubbed as an exploit, merely an optimization - even if unintended.

While I agree “everyone can do this” isn’t a counter to “this is an exploit” necessarily, I am only using it to call into question the truthfulness of “this is an exploit”. Unless FC gives us a ruling on it specifically, I’m hesitant to equate not intended and advantageous to automatically an exploit - but that could just be me.

To be more clear on my positioning; I think pre transfers body vaulting was less of a big deal because it’s problems were isolated to specific servers. I also don’t care if it’s removed. I’m not sure it’s necessarily an exploit just because it’s unintended by FC.

It’s not just you. I know I used to think like that, and bring up emergent gameplay, too. Here’s the thing, though, Funcom’s definition of exploit is in the ToS, and it looks like this:

On top of that, you have people arguing that any technique that can be abused should be removed even if it has legitimate uses.

One example where we’ve had that discussion recently is the advanced building technique that allows placing fence foundations close to each other. That technique can be used for decorative purposes, but it’s most often abused to stack fence foundations in depth on a PVP server.

The argument from the PVP abusers of that technique was that if you can abuse it, then it shouldn’t be in the game, because an exploit is an exploit and it doesn’t matter if you can use it in a way that doesn’t negatively impact anyone else’s experience in the game.

And Funcom agrees with them, because the TestLive build 2.8 now removed that technique. Obviously, I’m salty about Funcom yet again siding with the specific subset of PVP players that refuses to take responsibility for their own choice to abuse a technique – and I’m not even going to try to hide how salty I am about it – so now I want raise awareness of this whole argument that “an exploit is an exploit” and “if I can abuse it, nobody should be able to use it”.

Let’s see if more people – especially PVP players – are going to tell abusers to shut up if it’s something they care about, rather than some niche PVE concern.


I see, I’ve been silently observing that discussion to some degree (busy holidays). FC capitulating to “what” players are doing as opposed to “why” is a failure on their part IMO. Builders losing tools because players can’t control themselves and FC cant find a favorable meta is disappointing to say the least.


Thats right.

If Funcom comes out and says body vaulting is an exploit, or uploading characters to keep them safe is an exploit…well, the writing is on the wall.

Everything is an exploit these days but theres things on official servers you have to take into consideration.

People spend hundreds of hours farming bases. items, thralls on officials. What happens Chinese hackers turn up on your server. Are you supposed to just report and wait it out hoping they get banned before your base gets wiped and you lose your hundreds of hours of work?

In a perfect world where people couldn’t hack in conan exiles it’d be a lot easier to say body vaulting is bad but considering chinese go from server to server wiping them with hacks especially on the OCE AND EU servers (I play EU) I can’t really say body vaulting is bad right now.

Had a base in the Deserters Gutter get wiped from the outside by chinese placing bombs through the mesh anywhere they liked into our base. While that’s a thing I can’t get behind people saying body vaults are bad.

I understand toxic player use body vault as a way to get put but I prefer that over your own built base being report by toxic players just to win. In short, at least the base that was made was not destroyed by godly intervention or insided. I rather deal with toxic players that body vault over everything else.