Hard reset for 3.0

Suggesting that with the release of 3.0 all official servers and player accounts on those servers be wiped. Too many people been playing for too long with too many alt accounts and therefore body vaults. I just think it’s going to be difficult to get new players invested in Conan when the old players are literally stalking them by the time they ever get out of the spawn desert. So many body vaults that it’s pointless for new players to even try and learn the game because there is much to learn and figure out but will most likely be wiped in the first 2 weeks by these players who have these “bottomless supply” of body vaults full of bombs, thralls, gear, building mats, etc.
Especially now that server transfer is disabled so there’s no way to bring in Siptah gear to the Exiled Lands anymore yet some people still have bv’s full of Siptah gear and mats. I just think a complete wipe on official servers and player accounts on those servers is necessary and long overdue.


While on some level, I can see the logic (especially in the PvP context) and find it hard to argue against it. I have to admit starting yet again from scratch after only just finishing a new base, would be a huge pain in my Siptah.

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And I totally sympathize, truly. Especially if you’re like myself and have a full-time job and often work 6 days a week and have a finite amount of gaming time every night. Especially now that there’s a battle pass system going to be implemented so the players who have all day to play Conan have life much easier than the working class who are now going on a pay to play plan due to the fact that we have less time for Conan. I really don’t want to spend every night scraping up a new sandstone base because every night when raid hour starts some trolls gonna go tap a body vault and come at me with enough boom to foundation wipe me every night….can’t get 12 steps down noob river on a fresh start without some elitist’s alt got its nose up me arse tryna figure out what my next meal might be. And what about these genuinely new players trying to discover and learn a very complex game but most likely won’t even make it to level 60 coz some troll is just too bored to leave them be to figure things out.

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No. Hard pass.

Why should i loose my time investment for new people?

Better suggestion, rangle up those new players and make a private server for all of um.


The issue of body vaulting was brought up a few times and I personally don’t think that at least on pvp servers that a character’s body should ever disappear while the player is offline. This fundamentally removes one of the major risks and challenges of the game , defending your body. The fact that you can also carry ridiculous amounts of items on your body even without the perks for carrying just make this infinitely worse and broken.

Though to the heart of your suggestion, I wholeheartedly agree that this should be done , though there would be earthshattering wailing from players who have built up massive stores and hundreds of hours (thousands?) and fortresses over time. The issue being that many of these fortresses were built with duped materials, though don’t hold your breath waiting for them to admit it. The only way that I would see even partial budge on this would be to wipe the majority of low to no population official servers including killing all the bodies at rest on these servers as well. Though, you might want to open server transfers that way the ill gotten gains could be transferred to one the not being wiped servers .

This would have the benefit of placing all this mess on a handful of servers leaving the rest fresh and clean and ready for play with a somewhat level playing field. You might here a peep again, though once they realize that they will have to content with other dupers on these servers and their advantage would greatly reduced especially since they would need to rebuild quick to guard their wealth . I think they could work that out amongst themselves fortunately.

Not happening (intentionally).

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You would be in minority of players on this as with 3.0 there will be a large influx of new players and characters created.

You don’t know this, nor do you have any authority to say this as you are not a developer of this game. And yes there was “promises” about not wiping servers, though, this happened before servers were polluted with duping. So this being the case there naturally is no reason for Funcom to “keep their word” on this .

All it will do is delay a experienced clan a few days. The end result won’t be any different


Then, if no harm would be done there is nothing to stand in the way to it being done.

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Other than it simply won’t be done


@OP u mean it for pvp servers i guess…

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Let me just go ahead and refer you to my previous post for your answer to this. In case you won’t read that post I will summarize it for you : You have no authority what so ever to make this statement as you are not a developer, nor are you their agent. Period. This may seem harsh , it is important to take the OP tagged as feedback to be just that .

Too often posts are worded like there is absolute statements by the devs on many topics brought up on this, though many times these are taken out of context or words added or removed. Also bear in mind that that the developers of this game have the option to change course or amend rules based off of occurrences unforeseen when this game was released.

That did seem to me anyway to what they were implying. I could be incorrect, however.

Not the solution you think it is.

You are suggesting Funcom delete’s literally thousands of years worth of ./played time and built structures to prevent a handful of random’s ganking noobs.

Rather. They will still gank noobs, they just might have a slightly harder time doing it. No change, just a lot of miserable PvE players.

And you will still be miserable, being ganked by that guy that ./tries harder than you.

Don’t bring everyone down to the same level. Just join a PvE server and enjoy the actual game.


I suppose I could reluctantly accept a wipe, if it really is the only way, I wouldn’t like or be happy about it, but I’d get over it.

I think.



So a player griefing is license to let them do as they please even and up to breaking the game rules (duping) ? They don’t need to bring anyone down as we are supposed to be on the same level and again duping broke the balance.

Why should they have to go play on a PvE server? “Enjoy the actual game”, on a PvE server you would be incapable of playing the actual game of PvP which is a legitimate mode of Conan Exiles and in most ways mirrors the world of the lore.

Very well said.

You are assuming everyone duped everything they have on body vaults. I can tell you from my experience that’s not true. Yes maybe some but not all. I heard at some point a couple years ago they had a dupe problem and they were able to remove all of that one item. Maybe this is a case where it would work.
End of the day while it looks good on paper this would upset a lot of players on different game modes and like I said it delays clans a couple days. Nothing changes


All the items could not be tagged or pinpointed at the time so they spread across many servers and transfers just made this worse and duping was not solved as of last information. If you wipe a server where nothing is built and only to remove body vaults would not cause that many issues.

I respect your efforts but you won’t be changing my mind. You’re asking to wipe all severs and body vaults. I’m simply asking for clear rules/system that works and what do I get… nothing so to that I say good luck sir


Not necessary as the facts are on my side about duping. And our minds don’t need to be changed as we don’t control the game.

Nothing I said insinuates that I condone, or think Funcom should condone exploits. You are discussing duplicating, when I was responding to a complaint about a logged out player with potential resources or armor and weapons. There is a huge difference between someone logging back onto the server with more equipment than you, and thus killing you. And someone deliberately exploiting.

Obviously Funcom, nor I support that.

And they should go play PvE if they can’t handle the fact that PvP servers are FILLED to the brim with players that will always, and forever, seek out every potential imbalance and use it against their perceived enemies when it is advantageous to them. If they want to cry to Funcom, and ask Funcom to delete months of hard work, grinding and building. I will gladly tell them which farts to suck out of what buttholes.

Reality is PvP is not fair, it never will be. Funcom deleting EVERYONE’s stuff, won’t prevent players from finding an exploit, duping stuff, and then using it to set the OP back to square 1. And for this, I am supposed to think it’s a good suggestion?

Nope. It’s an awful suggestion.

Learn to compete, and learn that you are not competing in a fair environment. Otherwise don’t play on a PvP server.

Should there be people abusing exploits? No. Will there be people abusing exploits? Yes.

Will deleting everybody’s player base in the game help you accomplish anything? Not remotely.

The moment you log onto the server, other players will be grinding away, and things will get back to “Not fair.” within a week, or less.

Your PvP problems, whims, complaints, are not worth destroying thousands of players bases.